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  1. ishinam

    Whats up with so many servers

    You can't stop players from making servers, its actually good for MTA.Those servers with bad management doesn't survive anyways
  2. ishinam

    Problem In MTA 0.5r2

    MTA vice city is too old to play.Its dead
  3. ishinam

    Shodown Gaming Roleplay

    yes fake, even you written my name incorrectly.Whenever I come on this forum I find something interesting ,dumb and funny haha
  4. ishinam

    why double post?

    Why are you writing cancelevent again and again, just do this once function chatbox(text, msgtype) if (msgtype == 0) then cancelEvent() end end addEventHandler("onPlayerChat",root, chatbox) It shouldn't be repeating 2 times, maybe you are in 2 acl groups or i don't know
  5. ishinam

    i have done everything and it still dont work!!!

    You should have put a small name . Now go to mysql resource and put all details Hostname: localhost Username: root Password: Databasename: Jake's roleplaying Server leave password blank because you have not set it..
  6. ishinam

    i have done everything and it still dont work!!!

    There should be a create new database option http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ Enter name then click on "create" button
  7. ishinam

    i have done everything and it still dont work!!!

    Create a database... You don't need to start a server when you get puzzled at every single step haha.
  8. ishinam

    i have done everything and it still dont work!!!

    Go to your installed xampp directory and find apache_start.bat, run it. Then find mysql_start.bat and run it. After that http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ and create a database.
  9. Command flood and anti chat spam.This resource kicks a player if he overuses a command or spams the chat.Its from shodown roleplay script but this one doesn't saves in mysql so any server can use it easily. Download: ... ls&id=4075 Commands: /addcommand commandname Add a command to list.All the commands gets stored in cmd.xml file /delcommand commandname Delete a command from list. /checkcommands Show all commands You must give admin permissions to resource!
  10. ishinam

    What would be a correct script for a teleporting system

    function teleport(player,command) -- make a function with name teleport if command == "lsairport" then -- go ahead only if lsairport is the command setElementPosition(player,x,y,z) -- teleport player to ls airport. end end addCommandHandler("lsairport",teleport) -- add a command to execute teleport function This is one way of doing it.Read mta wiki to add more features
  11. ishinam

    Find the mistake

    The only mistake I can see is "getTeamFromName" should be teamName in 5th line and delete bracket in 8th line.Make sure you are triggering the event correctly
  12. After I put custom CJ script in my server its bugging other skins.Anyone knows how to fix it?
  13. ishinam

    Server Project? Yes/No

    Then how is it different from an ordinary MTA server .Its more complicated because working in team is not as easy as you think. That's because those yes votes are mooching noobs who can't script, but are so power hungry they jump in and call themselves developers. At the end of the project they will say they did it all themselves because they commented their name in a script. Yes this is going to end like this.
  14. ishinam

    Set admin rights

    This link has guide. ... nistrators
  15. They closed down permanently without any official notice.Only 1 post about closing I found here....