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  1. Ok this is the problem I have: I get this on all comps when pressing "start game" in the mta client (after connecting) on my first it works after clicking it like 4 times. but on the 2nd it doesn't work at all and the unhandled exception pops up all the time I press the "start game" - button. now I read thru the whole forum see ppl haveing this problem, too but no fix yet...couldcha help me please?
  2. your browser has to accept cookies. set em lower... then it'll work
  3. well I dunno what the problem is, but the r* page says this patch is not neccessary when you ain't got any problems. But if you install it, it won't be a problem 'cause it only affects geforce FX users etc.
  4. check out there forum, there is a mirror with zip files also...
  5. as far I know it should work with 1.0 also though it hasn't been tested that much I think. It's suggested to use 1.1 and no reason not to do that?
  6. sure u can run both just install clean gta3 twice (ie copy 1st clean install into another directory) then you install mta files in one, gta3tournaments in the other and voila (or you copy & replace the main.scm the whole time with one folder which I wouldn't suggest)
  7. This pic lookes "X"-tremely neat, although I can't see it hah Edit: sorry didn't read ya last sentence
  8. Also when you join a Server the Popup comes to enter you nick, you can't cancel that connection anymore, cancel doesn't work properly but small bug - not worth an own topic
  9. The All Seeing Eye your key to servers there you gotta set mta as installed games and you should find a plenty like already mentioned in lotsa other posts if it's configurated right - it looks like:
  10. •VX-GTA•


    I think that depends on the number of players there are...plus I prefer it not being laggy
  11. You can do that with Windows XP using a different Style sheet... There's a program called Style XP for example, that lets you use different sheets/skins[/img]
  12. ...THE DODO !!! ------------------------ ------------------------ ------------------------
  13. isn't that the same prob which is already here ?
  14. •VX-GTA•

    My new site

    I suggest not to visit that page, you only get tons of porn popups... sad but true
  15. just 4 the non irc chan hoggers: and Doesn't that sound good eh? so keep the heads up It's in touchable near I guess
  16. in the beta tests of .3b there was no traffic, thatfor I guess there won't be in the public release of 3b either... And that for good, traffic w/o synching (ggm alike) is just disturbing and makes no sense of all Cars you'll get at your spawn points...
  17. no peds in this version (.3) as you could see in the movie & screenshots
  18. Can you have a look at this Forum/Section? I replied last but Forum says newbinator, further more, if you reply to that post, it will post the message but leave you on a blank screen, and, it doesn't higher your post count.
  19. howdy, also attached some of the little race we had into the previous post...
  20. that's the same message which I receive when I'm logging in
  21. does anyone know a free Image Host which does allow remote linking? Could use it to upload more screenies
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