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  1. I was afraid the might be the case. Thank you TAPL for clearing it up and sharing the request.
  2. I am looking for both hands to hold the weapon, instead of both hands holding a weapon. Sorry..
  3. Hello, I am attempting to make it so a player can hold this weapon with both hands however it turns out like this: Here is my code: setWeaponProperty("colt 45", "std", "flag_aim_arm", false) If you can help, that would be most appreciated
  4. Thanks for an outdated url, very... appreciated.
  5. I have this perfect video, and well I want to use it in MTA. Like when people are downloading resources or something. And have it loop.. Is that at all possible?
  6. Your website is offline.
  7. I keep looking for "vgshseing28" txd on TXD Workshop. But I can't find it. If someone could point out where it is, or upload it. That'd be nice. -- I want to convert to txd to png so I have a "right" size, and edit the rest is ps-cs5
  8. I didn't know where else to post, but I was in the editor, and I've spent like 20 minutes trying to get a train, or a freight train to be exact. But there isn't Trains/nor. Trailers?? Why?
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