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  1. California roleplay has simple roleplay script but unique mapping and vehicle models, we have a friendly administartor team and we are also looking new admins to our team - Unique Mapping - Friendly Admins - Simple Script - Unique Mods ( mainly low poly mods 115 mods = 70mb download off mods ) - Custom Wheels - Plenty off other stuff Come check it out!
  2. Velo Gaming Roleplay might not be the server whic has unique scripts comparing to other servers but what we do have is a awsome community by that i mean the admins are nice and kind and mostly even the players, the server is pretty new and has coming plenty off new stuff in future to make it even better. Even the server started just couple days ago it already has over 15 players so its growing fastly, in Velo Gaming Roleplay every new player is welcome to join us. Discord : https://discordapp.com/invite/dN8ByBP Forums : http://forum.vgnrp.com/ UCP : http://www.vgnrp.com/mai
  3. UPDATE : some new car mods added and some old car mods replaced.
  4. Mods download size reduced a bit.
  5. https://tapleto-host.net/ Cheap prices and server stays on 24/7
  6. Maximum gaming, freeroam server offers everthing what you would expect from freeroam server. - Car Mods - Drift System - Custom Drift Maps - Superman - Freeroam Panel - Handling Editor - Around 110 vehicle mods ( Download 460mb ) - Custom HUD - Custom Wheels - Neons And much much more https://discord.gg/xsRuvKq Be sure to check out the roleplay & dayz server also
  7. Thanks and yea we just added custom engine sounds and been trying to lower the download size off the mods by replacing a bit smaller sized mods, still working on it. We also got custom drift tracks
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