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  1. does anyone still has this resource?? the links are broken and i need it very much please if you do have it, upload it and share the link with us
  2. try to use another source, like function Save(noob) local logged = getElementData(noob, "logged") if(logged == "true") then --code end end and if you are using anything related to accounts, you need to give it rights, from ACL.XML
  3. put all the maps / scripts you download in ' resources' folder not IN the gamemode, just put it in the resources folder and it will be on the server
  4. here is one of the tables executeSQLCreateTable ( "GgInfo", "serial STRING, topic INT, real_name INT, country INT, age INT, profile_picture INT" ) and this is the insert function function on_Register ( player ) local serial = getPlayerSerial(player) executeSQLInsert ( "GgInfo", "'".. serial .."','][topic ~','name','country','age','SpongeBob'" ) outputChatBox("works !!!") end the function used to have about 10 strings passed from the client side to the server, and it used to work now it doesn't (after the pc format) , i even deleted all the other unneeded strings, an
  5. 5 minutes ago, i uploaded another SQL based script, and it worked perfectly on my hosted server. but it doesn't work on my LAN server, it shows the same errors like on that pic i uploaded
  6. Yes i do have the tables, and I'm sure it works fine And no i don't use mySQL, im using SQLITE . do i have to install anything to get that working ?
  7. that's my way of writing it, and thats not the point anyway, does it work ?
  8. if you want to get the player who triggered the command, you should use something like : function openMyGate (player, command ) moveObject( myGate, 5000, 96.722534179688, 1915.8951416016, 18.158107757568 ) outputChatBox(""..getPlayerName(player).." opened the Armybase", 255, 255, 0, true) end addCommandHandler("armyo",openMyGate)
  9. Hello all, I been having problems with SQL databases and all the things related to SQL since about a month ago (after i formated 'reinstalled' my Windows) Even the scripts that was working fine, now it keeps showing me errors on every SQL line i can't 'insert, upgrade, select, remove, or any other SQL related function (( I'm talking about my LAN server, but everything is working just fine on my hosted server) can anyone help me with this ?
  10. oh, thx for pointing at that its now local player_ac = getPlayerAccount(player) but it still telling me the same error's
  11. function onLogin ( player, user, pass ) local player_ac = getPlayerAccount(source) if not isGuestAccount(player_ac) then local ac_name = getAccountName(player_ac) ... i dont think you need more, do you ?
  12. Hello, im having some problems with this function, idk why; im sure its right local player_ac = getPlayerAccount(source) if not isGuestAccount(player_ac) then local ac_name = getAccountName(player_ac) i keep having this error messages when the function is called. Bad argument @ "isGuestAccount" Bad argument @ "getAccountName" and i have tried adding Admin rights to the script, and still getting this.
  13. great guys, i think i will get a server or 2 and good luck with that .com website
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