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  1. I never thought about this. Maybe? And maybe i can connect this with other "server statistics" (Like, whats the favourite map played and so on), i dont know.
  2. You can use the periscope for aiming and firing while not submerged, you cant fire torpedoes with a binocular. I have no plans to add an UZO binocular because it is somewhat redundant.
  3. 1. Sonar can be controlled for ships and submarines, what do you mean? 2. What do you mean with compass azimuth? 3. What is reset to 0? 4. Why do you want a speed measurement in the periscope? IRL they had to guess the speed and it has no point on this server since torpedo solutions are calculated automatically. 5. A night mode would be simple to add. Easy. 6. Periscope already has a zoom by using mouse wheel. 7. The enemy can not detect that he got detected by a Hydrophone, it is a passive detector that simply records sounds, just as it does in this server.
  4. Yes, i update the acl together with the Update. I just need your Account name.
  5. You talk about Moderator rights? Should be no problem after next update.
  6. I have seen someone created a new VK group, is that you? HAWK abandoned the old one due to time issues. I welcome any effort.
  7. Of course. New update coming soon, but i cant tell exactly when.
  8. I am running SAAW WW2 which is pretty much one of the most unique servers that exist and the player count is pretty trash since release 2016. Reason is that there are many players but they all play CIT / PUBG and other RPG servers that have a huge 24/7 online count. Depending on what you want to do, it might fail. Team Deathmatch is something that obviously no one wants.
  9. With the performance that we have in MTA a huge "Nope" to add a Zombie mode, but i try to get something similar working for my next server project. But dont expect that soon...
  10. UPDATE: -Added Carro Armato P26/40 -Added Type 97 Shinhōtō Chi-Ha -Added A15 Crusader Mk. III -Decreased the hilarious amount of damage that tanks received when hit by HE ammo -Disabled collisions of fixed MGs that are placed on some maps -Peds stream distance has been reduced from 500 to 90 because some trolls abused the bad MTA streamer to shoot others through objects by setting everything to low -Implemented a new method of rendering water -Re-added bubble effects for ships, sonar decoys and torpedoes -Players can now select the melee weapon -Added 3 new melee weapons
  11. Just contact me at any time and i get this done really quickly.
  12. https://i.imgur.com/SAcF214_d.jpg?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=medium
  13. We dont need to tell certain people that this is not okay, but i hope that mta team will fix that fire issue...
  14. I have received another complaint about a player called "coolapple96" because of Teamkilling....
  15. Yes of course, however i shut down the "real" public map editor, so anyone who wants to map has to get the password for the other map editor. I can PM the password to anyone, if he wants.
  16. Join the public map editor server, it has all map objects included. Or convert some yourself, map your own map and send me the resources when finished.
  17. Mechanics on a spawn point are not a big problem, but imagine a cap defender. He needs to be a real danger but at the same time not OP. And they could fire through collisionless objects (bushes) and what-not... Really never going to happen. Also how should active medics work? I would need to create an AI that actively finds routes on maps to get to players, thats literally impossible. Its really not like "create Ped, set ped walking, done"
  18. Adding bots causes new problems because every ped causes a Performance impact, players included. Since i already run into performance issues when having more than 30 players in one place i think its a bad idea to add bots. Firing bot defenders also require a script that controls them. I have other plans regarding bots but i doubt i can realize them at the moment because of the bad Performance.
  19. The problem is -much work for next update -no time to do it
  20. Merry Christmas everyone. I got a report of a teamkiller. Someone please take actions against him. https://imgur.com/a/K1knF52
  21. I dont know what it was, i can tell you it is a boat, most likely a bugged merchant. I could know it if i was online.
  22. I "solved" the problem by using no depth bias at all (lol) and i simply applied shader_soft_particles to all other effects that interfere with water (boatwake1, coronaringa). This solution isnt really perfect but it seems okay.... Ren712 seems to disable depthBias entirely and it looks like he uses a code that manipulates pixel depth in the pixel shader function, fading out the color output depending on his custom calculated depth values: By looking at his soft_particles resource he has this as input: texture gDepthBuffer : DEPTHBUFFER; And this sampler where he "samples" the depth
  23. Hello Community! I have literally zero hope of someone helping me since no one has a clue about how shaders work (including me), but i am using the open-source cswp water shader from Sam@ke and i want to enable zWriting in this shader to make it work together with dynamic lighting + SSAO. Now i get some issues with zFighting and because i am not fully stupid i added depthBias 0.0002 to the shader. This fixes the zFighting but it also causes extreme visual artifacts if the camera is further away from the water pixels. The solution would be to calculate a dynamic depthBias value that has a hi
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