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  1. Its amazing to See some action on this server. I am currently working on a small update that i wanna push tonight (maybe).
  2. I recommend someone tries this out and reports bacc, maybe there is something unclear and i can improve the manual.
  3. Recently @Tut and I were experimenting about lightmapping with a light map and a shader (Very different from vertex lighting) and i want to share our experience with that. Initially we only wanted to make the 2nd UV channel work with objects but then i remembered about @Ren_712 lightmapped "Dust" map from counter strike and i wanted to re-create that effect. I thought his instructions were a bit unclear, so i write it down here again. If an Admin reads this, please move this topic to User Guides, i think thats better than this scripting tutorial section. This is the original resour
  4. UPDATE: -Added new map "[WAR] Japan-Fortress" by Didi -Fixed a bug that prevents correct rendering of torpedo and water trails
  5. UPDATE: -Added new map "[WAR] France 1944" made by Nor -Added new map "[TDM] Little-Village" made by Didi -Slightly changed ARMY team color to make it better readable
  6. That solution has to be checked. It would be amazing. Maybe someone can try and report this. The only other solution: Use Sam@kes Godray sun shader... Extract the ped shader from the resource and use only that one. It fakes sun lighting. https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=10219 But extracting that shader and making it work stand-alone is not very simple.
  7. Ped lighting depends on the surface that they are standing on. If a ped is standing on a low-light ground, he will also be near-black. The same happens when you create a Ped in Air and there is no ground below him, GTA doesnt know the vertex lighting so the Ped appears dark when spawning.
  8. I have seen that you are working on something, what is the file name? Maybe i can finish it tonight and upload it
  9. I cant reproduce this bug, selecting another weapon or using scope does not work while reloading, its disabled. But i know that some exploits can be used to make certain things work in certain situations... Literally impossible to fix.
  10. I guess MTA doesnt display it correctly, it is right there €DIT: I dont know why, but the wheels simply dont work, i never noticed that. Is it a bug? Is it a feature? I dont know.
  11. Its difficult, i am sure there is room for optimization but you can easily transform a tank into a race car
  12. Wrong, tanks have 6 wheels. But cross country driving capabilities are still trash. I cant really fix it. I already improved it very much compared with ~2015 It could be improved with custom terrain, most issues appear simply because default GTA terrain is not smooth but has sharp edges everywhere and the vehicle gets stuck. But no one will ever fix this.
  13. I will think about it when i developed such a resource for SAAW-SW. Its quite a lot of work to find all these bushes and trees and give them a good custom model
  14. Many people are already crying about performance and no one is using the nice shaders that i implemented, i dont think it is worth the effort (but Star Wars will have better bushes, thats sure)
  15. I dont know, i never used a controller and i cant test one
  16. Idk i love this thing, but we could make a poll or something... Opinions? We have a huge player count nowadays. I love Corona.
  17. Its not a bug, its a feature. The object/ped lighting uses the information of godray sun shader to calculate light direction when available. If you turn off godray sun shader, there is no information of the sun / moon position and the object/ped lighting will fall back to a static default sun position. But we need to find out what causes the m3dlighting issue in line 418 that floods your debug console, i had no success yet. It seems to occur when a tank is exploding, but not always.
  18. Dyxa is no longer staff member due to numerous reports. Problem already solved.
  19. 1. Because the server was made for USA vs. Germany and other nations were added a lot later. 2. Because we here in germany had nazi concerns and some textures were simply not available with a swastika. I simply used what i got. 3. Currently we have a lot of staff again, there are constantly people asking for being staff members. Good behaviour is important or maybe you get recommended by old staff members. Because the icons get smaller at distance
  20. Its amazing! I will add the new map asap. But my hard drive broke, i have to replace it and reinstall Windows completely with all programs, it will take some time.
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