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  1. Good work. I was waiting for a long time for this bug to get fixed so i could write a better bone attachement function.
  2. @*UndecomingMedic9 i checked it, this code has been created to prevent players from throwing teargas and molotovs in spawn zones to avoid abuse of fire/gas exploits. Nothing to fix here.
  3. These projectiles get deleted by spawn protection, idk if i can fix this for the players of the spawning team only. But i will check.
  4. No. I would have to update all 3D models to make that work and change hundreds of lines of code. Thats insane.
  5. No. But i am sure that we will see a beta in a few months No. The reason is simple, star wars will not be finished on Release, it will grow just like ww2
  6. This object alone is not responsible for fps drop, there are many objects causing it together. MTA cant handle many objects very well, every one fills up draw calls and demands resources. The only way to increase fps in a large manner is to create maps out of very few large objects cut together in 3ds max. Star wars will use this and offer much better Performance.
  7. UPDATE: -Added new spectator mode for ships and submarines (Not enabled yet, but i will enable this soon) -Optimized all sandbag models -Optimized some textures €DIT: Yes, now i got 7 fps more on Budapest, where a lot of these bags are sitting around. Nice change.
  8. UPDATE: - Updated [TDM] Italy - Updated Server to 1.5.8 - Added new lighting method with huge performance boost - Fixed time locking up forever after playing certain maps - Removed dr_blendshad - Temporarily disabled shader_detail - Some other small improvements and bugfixes - Disabled voice completely
  9. Yes, a somewhat decent GPU can easily handle this server. But i recommend turning some settings off, for example radial blur, depth of field, palette. They dont look good (my opinion). And i recommend setting "ship model detail" to low, because it causes CPU load and ships will lag even on a NASA PC. I also just uploaded a new version of my post processing resource, it improves sun/moon godrays and adds new rain drop effects, just as i promised.
  10. @Ren712 found a fix for the shore foam depending on view angle. But that fix introduces a new bug, because it does no longer account for water waves and the shore foam doesnt change its shape when waves are shaking the water up / down. The shader literally thinks that the water is completely planar, but it isnt. We are currently working to fix this, if possible.
  11. KNOWN ISSUES (01.08.2020): - Reflections are flawed, we get flickering and non-correct reflections in some situations (i have commented the shader very well, and some potential fixes are there, but i am no smart enough) - Reflection edges are not stretched yet, we can see artifacts at the screen borders because of that. I dont know (yet) how to fix that aswell - Refraction of stuff below the water surface seems to be impossible to add, but i am pretty sure that some genius can find a way - Shore foam currently depends on camera view angle because i am not smart enough to calculate t
  12. Today i proudly present to you: OSWS (OpenSourceWaterShader) for MTA: San Andreas! What is this? This resource is a project that i started long ago in order to finally (!) get a decent water shader working for MTA that benefits everybody. The main goal is to get an amazing shader where everyone should contribute to make it the very best looking water that we can get for this game engine. The code is pretty well optimized and the performance should be good for everyone, but a shader model 3.0 graphics card is REQUIRED for this resource! The effect is applied to the water texture its
  13. UPDATE: -Added new map "[AIRSTRIKE] North Sea" made by Nor -Added new map "[WAR] Budapest" made by Nor, Totenkopf and Jack -Many small performance and code improvements -Updated Berlin-Mitte (slightly reduced draw distance for better performance) -Fixed an object leak
  14. No, anything beyond 70 causes MTA bugs but some small issues start at 60 fps, there is a reason why fps limit is 60
  15. UPDATE: -Smoke grenades will now explode after 5 seconds and eject smoke that is synced from the creator to all other players to prevent smoke desync -Fixed non-working mortar smoke shells -Fixed satchel detonator not working when the player is sitting in a vehicle -Satchels can now be detonated with any weapon equipped (No longer needed to equip satchels specifically) -Satchels can now be "defused" by shooting them or by exploding something in their proximity (Beware, satchels have no collision, you have to hit the surface that is next to the satchel) -Players can no longer switch
  16. I wish we could edit effects.fxp file on server side. What mod is that?
  17. He got his account deleted and a new PC, but i will contact him because of vehicle abuse
  18. Its amazing to See some action on this server. I am currently working on a small update that i wanna push tonight (maybe).
  19. I recommend someone tries this out and reports bacc, maybe there is something unclear and i can improve the manual.
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