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  1. the other players are on the roof (sometimes 1 or 2 on the ground) and the peds arent even there with me. (neither are cars). And this happens with both sides maffia and diablo.
  2. both are not working for me. In maffia and in diablo everybody is standing still, not moving at all
  3. battousai


    aaah ok but then this i just found out, how is it possible for me to use a bazooka at the spawn point ? ... ge_huh.JPG it is because i used cheats (to test that is all) but it is said cheats are disabled right ?
  4. battousai


    not me and another weird thing (i think weird), is that i have 900 hp and 9999 bullets for uzi (is this normal)
  5. it happens to the 1.0 people too ( just like 20 mins ago i had 1.0). When i had 1.0 it happened to me and now i have 1.1 and it still happens
  6. well i fell down the rock (with the maffia house on it) with like 10 rolls and flips and all but no explosion or anyhting. and if my car flips on his back i just get resetted back to the helipad, there is no explosion nothing. i have v1.1 now (it says in the upper lef corner when ingame). So i have no idea why i cannot play.
  7. well like i said i can start the game and all, and i see some characters but for a few examples some are in the ground, or walking against a wall. and i have 900 HP and 9999 bullets for my uzi, all the cars (maffia car and diablo car) are invincible
  8. yes i tried but then it am on my own in there no one is there. then i must find some way to get the v1.1 working
  9. i still have version 1.0 for some stupid reason i cannot update it to v1.1 it says wrong version (or something) so do i need GTA 3 V1.1 ?
  10. ... me=MTA.EXE there you go man there is the link and yeah so slow i am downloading at only 9kb/s
  11. i am totally new to this mod and i am waiting for like 4 hours too, just found out about the mod like 2 weeks ago. And going totally crazy
  12. i just got 50 of it but so what, just a 10 minute wait. And i like the movie it rocks