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  1. You'll need to add a comma after the }. Also, make sure you have an img named "test.png" which you can rename if you like and also added to the meta.
  2. It's a little harder with the freeroam panel as it uses tables. You'll need to add this {'img', src='test.png'} to the table around line 1500 in fr_client.lua. Also add the img to the meta file and change the name if need be.
  3. The Devs have most likely checked the resource for backdoors and banned it from being used in MTA Dayz, there is no way around this. It's been blocked for security reasons, so delete it.
  4. It's nice to see some one picking this up after it was abandoned. Can't wait for the updates, good job bandi
  5. Twisted

    Internet Speed

    I can do better than this on my down stairs computer.
  6. This has already been reported by Et-Win. Not only that but the credits to the owner are there and the owner doesn't seem to mind.
  7. Try using this setPlayerNametagShowing
  8. This is not a forum for requests(Never mind demanding it!) https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Main_Page Perhaps this can help too, gotta try make it yourself. We can help with errors and stuff but you must atleast give it ago. function destroyBlipsAttachedTo( player ) local attached = getAttachedElements ( player ) if ( attached ) then for k,element in ipairs(attached) do if getElementType ( element ) == "blip" then destroyElement ( element ) end end end end
  9. Twisted

    Hydra SKin

    You considered there may not be one? One should be provided if you downloaded it, assuming that you did and it's not only a re-texture.
  10. Twisted

    partial circle

    He means copy and paste the function into your script.
  11. That still wont fix the problem, he'll need to check if the players are in a team and if they're in the same team(This is what he wants).
  12. Can't help if you don't show us how you did it.
  13. Ain't you supposed to have created all that other stuff? I'm sure you can figure how to make to what you need man. You gotta give it a try, can't expect everyone to do it for you.
  14. It is possible as I've overrided it with a staff chat and it never says (TEAM) for me. Even when making a team chat it's possible
  15. Still reverts. You must be doing something wrong then mate.
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