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  1. ok thxx al and the most to mta my buggs fixet i start my mta and see a download link to a site i push and download and i can play now thxxx all happy gaming this forum closed
  2. ye but i use game-monitor and i find there servers but i cant play ½ of them i must first update my mta??
  3. anybody plzzzzzz help me????
  4. but can anybody help me to find the error
  5. srry im new on this forum i make yesterday my accound im so srry i want only play good mta
  6. when i runn as administrator than he block updates and servers plzzz help me again HELP ME PLZZZZ
  7. i did try the firewall but that not work the fireawll did nothing block or stop or what else srry it not work
  8. ye than my mta sa start but i cant update and see bowser servers?
  9. ye i have 1.04 and i reinstall and redownload him?? but its not work again i lose only all my scriptet maps ;p and scripts but i have the last version of mta 1.04 but when i download and install i have the exactly same error plzzz help me again;p thank u all when u answer
  10. Help me plzzz my mta does not work!! when i start my mta see i this "Could not start Grnad Threft Auto, Please try restarting, or if the problem persists, contact MTA at http://www.multitheftauto.com. this is the error when i open the pogramm with runn as administrator than i cant see browser server and i cant update the game. When i not runn as administrator get i again the problem plzzzz help me thank you all when u aswer
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