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    He got a scooter or something and hasn't been seen since.
  2. because people would still think that is an administrator talking to them.
  3. We are aware of most (if not all) of the hacks out there right now. Most of them will be trivial to stop. The next release will incorporate more strict cheat countermeasures. Until then, you'll have to deal with the small number of cheaters there are, or play on a different server. -Derek
  4. you can also do this using a few command line tools like gawk, etc. I have a package on http://center.mtasa.com which I uploaded that uses GNU AWK to modify a map's position data. You could easily change this to modify the respawn data and then run the tool recursively on the directory your maps are in. -Derek
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    It is a number of issues: 1) We don't want people donating and think we have some obligation to help. This WILL happen, and we don't have the time to put up with it. 2) We don't want arguments within the team. 3) Currently, if we need a piece of software, there are two sources: Get it from a sponsored source (MS Visual C++ 2005 is free for a year, by the way) like a school (I get my copy from my university for free), or get it from the retailer. If it's the second option, we all pitch in to donate money to one of the team members who makes the purchase. 4) We aren't exactly sure of any legal consequences that may exist regarding receiving capital as "donation money" when we are a group which creates software based on reverse engineering another piece of software, which is explicitly forbidden in Rockstar's EULA. 5) We don't like wasting time thinking about these consequences (much like what this whole response is doing) when we could be focusing on getting something out the door. -Derek
  6. slush

    MTA = Virus

    Why the hell would any of us want to propigate malware with our software? Like jon said, if you downloaded it from one of our official mirrors then it is NOT a virus. If you can't load single player games in GTA3, try deleting your .dat file in your "My Documents\Grand Theft Auto III" folder, and restart the game. Your sluggish computer issue may be from any number of problems. One of the most common is antivirus software suites. These take up over 50% of system resources in average cases. Systems with lower specs will definately notice a decrease in speed. From a technical perspective, it has to do with the use of certain API such as CreateRemoteThread and VirtualAlloc which makes some of the "stupid" antivirus applications such as the one you're using to give off a false alarm. However, it's pretty simple. If you think it's infected, don't use it. Easy as that, huh? I'm locking this thread now. There are plenty old threads which address this issue. Please use the search button at the top of the forum page. Thanks, -Derek
  7. This is an issue/limitation with the GTA engine. It has issues with playing certain sounds (such as from the hunter's machine gun) while other entities are using that sound. -Derek
  8. For now, if it still is a problem, you can disconnect from the server, press alt+tab to get to your desktop, press ctrl+alt+del to bring up the task manager, click on "gta-sa.exe" and click on "End Process". Hit "End Now" on the dialog if it appears. -Derek
  9. Progress towards creating a deathmatch mod for blue is already underway. It will take some time, but shouldn't take too long. -Derek
  10. We are currently investigating this issue.
  11. Voice chat will be added. If you don't want to hear other people you will have that option under your settings. -Derek
  12. 1) To run a server, go to the "MTA San Andreas" shortcut group in your start menu -> programs. Click on "MTA Server" 2) You can't put them on someone elses server. The server admin has to put them on the server. 3) You can put them on your own server (mods/race/maps directory) or upload them to another site and have a server admin buddy of yours put them on his. By the way, all this information is readily available in the manual. -Derek
  13. slush

    What we do

    Please note information in the original post I made was relevant in 2003, but not necessarily now. 0.4 was the preliminary version of what is now 1.0. ... And I'm 22 now, not 20. Huhu. -Derek
  14. SCM functions have been deprecated by blue; all controlling is done using C++ now. Soon after the release of the race mod (hopefully) we'll release the SDK which will allow people to control the GTA engine to do things not even possible with the scm. -Derek
  15. Correct. It is kind of redundant to keep posting in our blog about beta testing. We already have enough entries. -Derek
  16. Unfortunately you're going to have to wait longer. In its current state, I would estimate it is nearing release. However, If anything major comes that causes delay, we'll release a video to show our current efforts. -Derek
  17. We [MTA] are a group that creates modifications for the GTA3 series of games (GTA3/GTA:VC/GTA:SA). Blue is the name of our next generation, extraordinary new core which will be the platform new mods by us/others are created on. Think of it as a Software Development Kit (SDK). The inner workings of Blue are kept secret for a number of reasons. However, they involve many hooks. These hooks are placed in strategic areas of the game which allow us direct access to the GTA3 engine. It is a program that interfaces directly into the game. It does this by hooking certain elements in the Windows API and reasearched GTA procedure calls. Indeed, MTA was first nothing more than a trainer. The earlier versions just involved syncing values such as player positions, health, car positions, speed, etc. over a network. These days it does much, much more than that. MTA is attempting a major shift. We are soon going to move from a purely multiplayer mod group to a group which provides an SDK for others to create mods with (multiplayer or single player). We will provide a downloadable SDK (unfinished in it's current state) which people will be able to use to create their own modifications later. Hope this helps a little. -Derek
  18. Make sure you're running the game in ENGLISH (you have to go in regular VC and do this from the menu). -Derek
  19. Not to carry on this subject, but Netscape was/is free. There are more cons with releasing wide betas. I'm not doubting that releasing wide betas would let us find more bugs. What I'm saying is that by releasing unfinished, untested versions of our software we would in effect be digging our own grave. It has to do with social and software engineering aspects. Go ahead and read the article i paraphrased (linked in the original reply). Scroll down to #3. -Derek
  20. Any type of hack will always not be permitted. Trainers and any other type of external memory access is already blocked. When we use the term mods, we refer to the creation of software through our SDK, as well as updating GTA content to match clients on both sides. This thread is misplaced and should have been created in the Blue general forum. 07/29 - Moved from "Other Mods" - Derek
  21. There is a very simple reason for not releasing "bug fix" releases. This is the route Netscape actually took. Netscape was the first company to employ "wide-betas" (releasing pre-releases .01, .02, .03, etc., not unlike GTAT). The programmers at Netscape were basically just releasing untested software every time, and fixes were only made after a large enough amount of its users reported the same problem. This created a wide array of versions and subversions, pre-releases, and FINALs, wich resulted in mass confusion. But perhaps the biggest problem associated with releasing wide-betas is that the users get used to working with buggy software, and hence, the software as a whole is seen as buggy. Hope that finally puts to rest any questions you guys and gals have about the possibility of an MTA wide beta. Cited: http://www.joelonsoftware.com/articles/fog0000000067.html -Derek
  22. Oh well.. maybe we should just release the test video then eai. -Derek
  23. Multiplayer solitare, of course. Gee, and you say you're on the team -Derek
  24. Health bars will be created/drawn by client modders. There are no standard bars in the engine itself. There will be example sources for creating health bars. The system will be extremely easy. -Derek
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