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  1. Hahahahaahahahha I know your watching me, I like it when other men watch me, or when they *EDITED FOR CONTENT* mod note: 3dfx you sick bastard.
  2. d00d your sw33t linkin park ripoff location makes you leet. And his website would be the www link brainiac. Owned!!!!!
  3. So by everyones post this forum condones warez . Its fun to be a rebel and download off kazaa isnt it, cause your a leet h4x0r now. Rockstar may not care about its community, but Valve does, better games too. Cant warez HL can you? Unique WON was probably the smartest thing ever made for online security. This is just spam dont reply everything I type is spam.
  4. Microsoft Windows = 800 dollars I use = Linux RH 9 You All = Teh ghey responded to sp@m
  5. I saw some posts on warez, torrent is just as unsecure, written in damn python, anyways your ISP is sending everything you download to certian "Anti-Warez" companies, yea thats right, when blacksuits come knocking on your door for downloading shit of of fasttrack youll be shitting your pants. P2P is too unsecure at the moment, and why the fuck would you rip off rockstar, ROCKSTAR, so I take it you dont want another GTA for PC, you want to rip the people that brought you some of the best games ever made? If you post warez post in the damn microsoft forums about free windows. R* sells an unbeata
  6. Thanks for the closing the last thread for no reason.
  7. Well you complimented my work and closed the thread, I assumed the proper thing to do would be to thank you. My bad.
  8. Thanks for the compliment, you close the last thread, and I honestly didnt want to start anything, I was just trying to get unbanned = T.
  9. Why do you act like that? Im definate your not a little bitch like that in real life face to face because you would be dead. Now thats funny.
  10. What the hell are you talking about, are you MTA staff or blokker? Doesnt look like it. That is my web template example to everyone who asks. Wow blokker: "simple is good, its what people want" Can you say noob webdesigner? I sure can. I have forgotten more about webdesign than you will ever begin to comprehend my friend. Keep practicing with paint, maybe if you work hard enough you can produce a piece of crap, maybe if you try really hard you can get as good as worthless.
  11. No offense but damn you people are stupid: "HERE IS AN EXAMPLE OF MY WORK" Do you see anything about MTA website in there? All I see is EXAMPLE of my work. Does anyone take the time to read posts? Or do they just guess what it says and start talking, I wont read your replies because your ignorance annoys me, once again no offense, and go back to school.
  12. That website has nothing to do with MTA, Im just givin you an example, if MTA is working so hard on the program with no time for the website, remind me why they hired a webdesigner. Maybe if you knew good art when you saw it, but I have never seen so many ingrates. Blokker can think what he wants to make him feel better but he is still an admin nazi. Discussion closed.
  13. The him is "blokker" I really didn't clearify that. BTW once again please dont post all angry at me, I am really not into starting shit right now.
  14. Hey it's me again new flame, anyways I was going to offer you guys a professional web template for free since your site lacks of professional quality. Don't get me wrong, but honestly for such a great mod you can do so much better. I have very nice work, and take pride in all my work, ask "eeos". Anyways I was on mIRC with him and I wasnt doing anything against the rules, and banned me, I think hes just jealous of my skills or something . I can just reset my rouder and come back on but I could really care less, Ill let him admin nazi. I just wanted to talk to someone about a webdesign upgrad
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