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  1. MTA Crash after UPDATE

    Today a lot of player on my servers started to write that they can't enter mta or they are crashed after todays update. Example of this problem below from players. I did not have problems on my pc, but i decided to test on notebook a when i start MTA 1.4 which i downloaded from th main page i was also crashed with that mistake Could not find Wow64DisableWow64FsRedirection At this moment about 20 players have this problem, its just those who reported. Below pastebin of my notebook. If need such info from other players i can get.
  2. laggs with .col files

    I wanted to add new objects on map, in mta map editor or play mode everything works (FPS 50/50) correctly but when i test it on mode dayz it starts lagging (FPS 15/50) when i am very close to new object.
  3. different dff, txd for 1 model

    Is it possible to load different txd dff or only txd for one type of weapon.
  4. Soviet city

    you might wanna check these maps first in mta before making such allegations.. they might look simmiliar (for you), but those aren't the same maps. //edit: looks realy a lot like my berlin map lol ... did you used my map as a reference? I am not using lua and i do not know somebody who can help me with this. This map can be used for such gamemodes as BaseMode but i dont want to use this Gamemode as i want somethig my own. I am using this maps for samp cause there i have pro pawno user. Maybe when we can use lua will go to mta but now it doesnt have sence for us. I saw your map in mta on some russian BaseMode server and i liked that idea and i desided to make a tournament on such map. And i decided to make something like that but i did not use your map cause i did not have it.
  5. Soviet city

    b u l l s h i t
  6. Soviet city

    В мта нет пока. Нет скриптера луа. Пока ток в самп. :DDD its a joke??? if yes its very funny =))
  7. Soviet city

    Thanks =) Few more
  8. Soviet city

    This map i made for 40 mins. Its beta version not finished. I decided to show one of my maps here. Soon i will use this map for tournament and post it for public. video: And one more map also used for tournament. Called soviet yard. Labyrinth