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  1. qwincy


    ok the script glitch it is enabled but not working still??????????
  2. qwincy


    Why cant i cbug on MTA Basemode Anymore it only works on Esports Basemode?
  3. qwincy

    How to Skins

    no sam is not me im qwincy dude
  4. qwincy

    How to Skins

    ok nvm i fixed the problem but everytime i downlod the resource i made its not in my server.
  5. qwincy

    How to Skins

    it says Error uploading TXD file - Error #11
  6. qwincy

    How to Skins

    How do i put Custom Skins in my MTA Basemode? PLease help ill appreciate all the information u can give.
  7. qwincy

    MTA Resources

    hi i installed a resource and put it in my resources folder but when i open up admin panel resources its not there i tried /upgrade the server and refresh the resources but still not there and i have the resources meta.xml file...sooooooo idk whats the problem
  8. vares thank you so much it worked out perfetly ily!
  9. and heres some extra information when i go to setting.xml i see the installed-true-installed line and i delete it and save it but somehow it keeps popping up.
  10. ok ive changed it to but the problem is not resolved i still dont get the priveledge to click buttons on the admin panel.
  11. ]<acl> <group name="Everyone"> <acl name="Default"/> <object name="user.*"/> <object name="resource.*"/> </group> <group name="Moderator"> <acl name="Moderator"/> <object name="resource.mapcycler"/> <object name="resource.mapmanager"/> <object name="resource.resourcemanager"/> <object name="resource.votemanager"/> </group> <group name="SuperModerator"> <acl name="Moderator"/> <acl name="SuperModerator"/> &l
  12. I Did that the object use username thing and when i open up admin panel i still cant click anything.
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