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  1. Delete all resources, including these folders. Upload Paradise resources UNZIPPED That should make it working.
  2. [2013-02-17 15:42:21] Resources: 30 loaded, 0 failed [2013-02-17 15:42:21] Querying game-monitor.com master server... failed! (302: Moved temporarily) [2013-02-17 15:42:21] Querying backup master server... success! [2013-02-17 15:42:23] MODULE: Unable to find modules/mta_mysql.dll! #This file is inside it... [2013-02-17 15:42:23] MODULE: Loaded "SHA Module" (1.02) by "mabako" [2013-02-17 15:42:23] Starting resources..... [2013-02-17 15:42:23] Server shutdown as requested by resource sql (MySQL module missing.) [2013-02-17 15:42:23] Start up of resource sql cancelled by script [2013-02-
  3. Reinstall GTA & MTA Je hebt waarschijnlijk mods of een bestand dat corrupt is.
  4. Lijkt me van community te zijn idd, + Deze user heeft maar 2 posts dus ik zou deze zooi toch niet vertrouwen.
  5. Well, you should use an ingame console then using a script, Or use a VPS.
  6. Kevstyle

    [REL] TCT

    Thanks for this cool resource
  7. I need scripters so players can chose 4 buses and i want that busses have a dashboard, have blinkers, .... (what real busses have except automatic doors because that wont work on MTA...) what will bus simulator 2012 mta edition have? -Bus depots at LS , LV , And SF. [i can map them if needed] -Parking System! (Only leave your car at a depot or your house or private car parking,.....) -Custom TXD/DFF without any lagg -Dashboard -Blinkers -KM/H Meter (Analog and Digital) -Speedcamera's -Toll (SF-LV) -Trafficlight AI (I can script this...) -Traffic AI -Hotels -Houses -Bus Depots
  8. Added, i dindt know who made it but yeh i stopped this project because its not needed much , and no i dont make any virus because its stupid and i dont want a ban at mta forums to
  9. yea, i wanted to show that to but i dont found it i hope that they will release it soon. if not i hope this resource can make it and better
  10. Didn't understand. Share some video to explain? (put markers on floor) and be able to script it.. and that you can glue everything on vehicle's that you want... like putting a light on a car. but try to make it (if you know) to put it only on your own vehicle (its possible)
  11. that will be long waiting hours.. just get a report system and if its reported much times it alerts mods and gets deleted?
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