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  1. What your Stealth maps? maybe upload pics.
  2. ohh thanks
  3. hey guys how made smaller / bigger objects?
  4. Hi guys! Iam want new, better, clan lover Stealth mode. ( Tactics/Basemode Style ) new Team Select ( Red, Blue, Spectetator ) new weapons ( Flashbang ) Top-100 (Kills, Headshots, Deaths, Ratio) etc. The problem i am not scripter... Original Stealth: ... ails&id=29 What do you think? Stealth is your favorite game mode again?
  5. Private maps...
  6. Hi! Fake Server...Not team made Server ip: mtasa:// This server made by: Metatron ... es.hu_.png
  7. Hey guys! I have a good idea! v1.0 Create Crosshair's Changer:all weapons/Sniper Crosshairs: Style: ... ls&id=4572 v2.0 +radar changer: ... -txd.2237/ Iam bad scripter and i know this script really good... please create scripter(s) Thx and sorry for bad english
  8. wow good:D
  9. Hi please create Hungarian language topic Hungarian / Magyar Thanks:)
  10. Good map:D Stealth version coming?
  11. PM-be elküldenéd a privát mapjaid?
  12. Helló Csena! Szerintem is jók a mapjaid... Arra kérnélek hogy pm-be küld el őket és akkor felteszem Ds| klán szerverére
  13. pls give me download link..
  14. hello volk én készítettem 2 térképet...
  15. The maps cannot be downloaded ?