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  1. Same Problem here ... Win98 ... couldnt play since version 0.1 But it works on my other PC with xp
  2. This is a Serverside Problem ... Perhaps MySQL or PHP ... it will also show up in NS strange
  3. Im thinking about installing win2k on second partition ...
  4. Perhaps it's interesting to know that the problem does not appear if you connect to a server running on your own pc! (localhost) btw: The idea posted several times with overriding the 126 error handler seems possible to me. You'll make it ...
  5. localhost ( is your pc's loopback device. If you start a server yourself, than you can connect to it.
  6. This software is development stage, you use it at your own risk .. if you're not able to read the manual go play some counter-strike.
  7. ok, i got the already known problem "Runtime Error 126" right after clicking connect. I also figured out, that the problem does not appear if I connect to a server running on localhost. Hope I could help you
  8. nice idea and to all the people who are blaming the team for non-working software: 1. They develop the whole thing in their FREE time. It's not their job!!! They are not paid for it nor do they receive any other benefit from it! They do it because they like to do. And that is what you all should respect! 2. This software is in development stage atm. Noone forces you to install it. This is not a final version!! Every alpha version has lots of bugs that have to be fixed.
  9. we could decompile the exe and fix it ourselves btw: i am patient nice work mta team ... played on friends pc and 0.3 really kicks ass!
  10. [TGF]Morpheus


    same problem with me ill make a screeni of the box .... wait
  11. yep, same with me .. cant join my own server win98se + gta3 v1.1 I'll try vbfiles now ...
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