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  1. [*] Atom.io - Multi Theft Auto Lua support Introduction Some of you might have heard of the new text editor called: Atom.io. If you haven't heard of it, go check it out. It's a cool text editor to use and in my opinion the new sublime! I've been using it for the past few months and really enjoyed the text editor thus far. But with most text editors they lack support of various languages, API's, etc. I found this awesome package which added Lua support to Atom. It really speeded up my development process, but it lacked the Multi Theft Auto API. And that's why I started this package, to
  2. *cough* viewtopic.php?f=108&t=82520 *cough* Is he rekt? Yes, he is. Made my day man, laughed extremely hard
  3. local countdownMS = getTickCount() + 86400000 function getTimeMS(ms) local hours = math.floor(ms/3600000) ms = ms - hours * 3600000 local minutes = math.floor(ms/60000) ms = ms - minutes * 60000 local seconds = math.floor(ms/1000) return hours,minutes,seconds end addEventHandler("onClientRender",root,function() local h,m,s = getTimeMS(countdownMS-getTickCount()) dxDrawText("Hours: "..h.." Minutes: "..m.." Seconds:"..s,100,100) end) I think this should be what you mean, haven't tested it so it might contain buggs.
  4. I've tested it and it renders as 1, much more frames then 5909255 renders(0 dropped so )
  5. Hey, I had a question. I had a question about render targets. Like for example if I draw 492858 rectangles in 1 frame it will render 492858 things. But if I put all those things in a render target and render the rendertarget, will it only render 1 thing(without updating the render target every frame) Thanks!
  6. Fileread the file first, place it in a variable, add ur text to a new variable and add the existing text then overwrite the file. I'm on my phone so too lazy to script it for you :3 Edit: Forgot what I said, I've read it wrong.
  7. Thanks for this awesome release 50p, I liked sublime text better then ur scrioting editor cause I use it for all the languages I open, edit and create!
  8. I still like how you got 1 compiled script. general_s.luac
  9. It works so who cares. Now let's all wait untill all the race server owner comes and rage cause they got a "mgm".
  10. He is just declaring that the MTA community is fucked up right now. Leakers, resellers, and mostly DDoS'ers. He pointed the DDoS'ers in this story. I know as a scripter that DDoS'ing happens a lot! Not only on MTA, but MTA is toxic as hell at the moment. Sorry that I say it but, many guys are the best, they really make the MTA community but if you look at the rest: All toxic jealous people. I just wanted to say that, good luck with your server man!
  11. They are warnings, not so important. The script should still work so why bothering fixing it?
  12. He means this: function cl_SetVehicleOwner ( theVehicle, thePlayer ) local oldVehicle = getElementData ( thePlayer, "cl_ownedvehicle" ) if isElement(oldVehicle) then -- unlock old car removeElementData ( oldVehicle, "cl_vehicleowner" ) removeElementData ( oldVehicle, "cl_vehiclelocked" ) removeElementData ( oldVehicle, "cl_enginestate" ) setVehicleLocked ( oldVehicle, false ) -- set vars for new car end setElementData ( theVehicle, "cl_vehicleowner", thePlayer ) setElementData ( theVehicle, "cl_vehicleloc
  13. That is also an option. Pretty much depends on the usage and needs - but he will need onClientKey eventually since if he wants to be able to delete characters. You can also use getKeyState in a onClientRender
  14. Don't use onClientKey, use onClientCharacter
  15. kevenvz

    dxDraw Help

    Just calculate the positions. local sX, sY = guiGetScreenSize() dxDrawText("Hello world",sX*0.4,sY*0.4,sX*0.2,sY*0.2,tocolor(255,255,255,255),sY/768,"default","center,"center")
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