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  1. Hi, is it possible to detect water? For example when car jumps from ground into the water. I need a simple event like ON_ELEMENT_HIT_WATER.
  2. GiMax

    Aim and walk

    Many thanks . I decreased fps and this bug disappeared.
  3. GiMax

    Aim and walk

    My client version is 1.3.0-9.03898.0 just updated in 2012 March. I have a problem with aim and walk in the same time. When am holding pressed aim buttion and walk buttions, sometimes it wakes up to start walk for a short time. After that it stop again. Where is the problem? Thank you. setPedStats are put into onPlayerSpawn server event. Code look like this: function xx() --http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/SetPedStat setPedStat(source, 69, 1000) setPedStat(source, 70, 1000) setPedStat(source, 71, 1000) setPedStat(source, 72, 1000) setPedStat(source, 73, 1000) setPedStat(
  4. GiMax

    Server disappear

    When multi theft auto starts. I open internet browser. In browser shows a list of servers. After 2 - 3 seconds some of servers becomes less visble. After 5 seconds they absolutely disappear. Why?
  5. I hope they fix this, becouse it looks very unproffessional. They could warn about those virus threads in forum that is safe or not. But i repeat, I never ever saw that proffessional software have virus threads...
  6. ... maby you say the truth. Or maby all this stuff working not 100% propertly, not all script core doing his job what it must to do. And the fact is that all program install working without thread warning and without warnings when executing. Test by your self. Just update antivirus. Good luck.
  7. What kind of "FALSE POSITIVE".. It sounds too funny.. Show me a miracle in code that bad script becomes good one... After install I manualy delete Multi Theft Auto.exe.dat file. Then Multi Theft Auto starts propertly. But somehow, when i restart pc or executing it again antivirus detecting bad threads. I dont know. Please induce me that this setup is not a way to f*** up everyting. Show me a fact that is safe or smthing. Safe script in exe with c++ or other language stuff compile never show problems with a virus. If this is realy bad stuff then they lose MTA reputation and players. I hope it
  8. My antivirus detecting virus when i launch Multi Theft Auto.exe
  9. My MTA server is configured well, all firewalls, anti-virus softwares, ports forwared, but i still cant see my server on MTA Internet Browser. Game-monitor.com shows my external ip, but with MTA Server Quickconnect when i write my external ip on it and press connect button it show that >time is out< why? Other players can connet on my external ip but i cant. When first time i installed MTA server i could do anythink. Create my own server join from localhost ip, from internal ip and external ip. After moreless 5 days all possibilities to join to my server by me from external i
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