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  1. Hello, I have error on MTA SA 1.2 : Have you idea ? Thanks...
  2. ...yes, of course;... i'm stupid... tanks
  3. Hello, I have error on MTA SA 1.2 : Have you idea ? Thanks...
  4. hello, i'm french i ave problem with vehicle color with sctipt txd or dff on my game: have you idea ? thanks for help.
  5. it is private but many people seek this kind of script, it is important to say! a forum is made ​​for that. You call yourself that? I can read!
  6. hello, I also looking for a script for car traffic. if you have any information thank you in advance.
  7. hum ok .... critical... where can i donwload another rpg MYSQL base ? Mabako is Open Source and free ! I can modify GUI and I ask that this script for help. his scripts have back doors ? you have proof ? My Server Hack Me ! I want help for this.. and not a philosophical discussion ! If Any have a script and solution for my first post, thanks to help me, help anything... Thanks
  8. MTA paradise is a MYSQL mod and with web pannel is really good !
  9. Hello i'm french, I want create a MTA Paradise Topic because there is not official topic for this. for the moment, i test this resources on MTASA 1.0.5 and 1.1 and this script in totally working ! i have a probleme with faction, job, shopitems, parasite and vehicle-nodes. if you have information and correction script fot this resoucres, i'm very interested. problemes : FACTIONS: /createfaction [type] [name] = no result, Cant create faction /setfaction [player] [faction] = ((MYSQL- Error.)) JOB: no ped created for jobs on city Hall ShopItems: how can i create shopitems for ped Shop
  10. 10000000 Thanks !! It 100% Work with "2899", i'm verry Happy !! You are the best !
  11. verry thanks for you... I look forward to working with this... i wait... thanks
  12. Thanks for you reply but, i have a new error with your solution: [2011-07-28 10:39:13] ERROR: [rpg]/admin/player.lua:21: stack overflow [2011-07-28 10:39:16] ERROR: [rpg]/chat/chat.lua:25: stack overflow ect...
  13. -- addCommandHandler supporting arrays as command names (multiple commands with the same function) local addCommandHandler_ = addCommandHandler addCommandHandler = function( commandName, fn, restricted, caseSensitive ) -- add the default command handlers if type( commandName ) ~= "table" then commandName = { commandName } end for key, value in ipairs( commandName ) do if key == 1 then addCommandHandler_( value, fn, restricted, caseSensitive ) else addCommandHandler_( value, function( player, ...
  14. Hello, i want execute role play paradise 1.0 on mta 1.1 (mysql ok) and i have this error : =========================================================== = Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas v1.1-unstable-2892 =========================================================== = Server name : myserver = Server IP address: = Server port : 22013 = = Log file : ..ver1/htdocs/mods/deathmatch/logs/server.log = Maximum players : 32 = HTTP port : 22015 =========================================================== [2011-07-28 01:38:11] ERROR: Problem with resource: mapc
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