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  1. Same happened to my clan server. We ordered for a month, server run good for 10 days and then it upgraded automatically to mta 1.1 and got bugged. I couldn't find any way to contact them. And now server expired. I paid for 30 days and got only 10 day server running. I WANT REFUND. PLEASE SERVERFFS IF YOU SEE IT!
  2. I want to host single mta server and want to know are these enougb for it. Total CPU power: 1x 250 MHz Guaranteed memory: 320 MB (Burst: 640 MB) Total diskspace: 5 GB Total bandwidth: 100 GB and what operating system is good among these Cent OS 4, Cent OS 5, Debian 5.0, Debian 6.0, or Ubunto
  3. Doesn't work. I want a working download link.
  4. I can't download Basemode 1.0 Beta#3 . All download links are broken. Can anyone help? Upload it somewhere else like on megaupload or somewhere. Thanks in advance.
  5. Killerzz

    Serial ban???

    lol after so much hard work and just messing around. I found how to change serial. You just need to change hardware configuration. No need to even reinstall mta because mta gets serial when you run it. It has nothing to do with installation. I am so happy, I got as many serials I want on my pc now
  6. Yes its a awesome roleplay server. Its better than any other roleplay server. Admins are friendly and don't force roleplay by jailing. If you non-rp they teach you and try to make you a good roleplayer. @Dazz I went to vedic and admin jailed me for 30 minutes because I just wrote german in local OOC chat without even warning me. So I left immediately.
  7. You are wrong here, only few server run paradise gamemode. Releasing gamemodes add features to mta. There nothing kept in mta scripting. Gamemodes like race, basemode, freeroam, dd/dm, stealth ,ctf etc are good achievements of mta.
  8. We are hosting our server ShoDown Gaming Roleplay from gtamulti. no lag. Easy control panel. Keep up good work!
  9. If I host a MTA server do I get mysql database access through phpmyadmin? .so i can manage my server databases.
  10. I want to know where does things gets saved by setAccountData?
  11. Shodown is down but it made to best list of mta servers.It was getting 50 players in just a week after release but we stopped and thought to move on.
  12. Yes this is time for roleplay servers.There are many roleplay servers now.I found a new one :Shodown Gaming Roleplay.Its in development stage but its growing fast.
  13. I created factions.A friend on msn helped.
  14. This is an on topic discussion.Creating faction is a part of script that we are talking about.So stop talking about past things and dont jump in a discussion about which you dont know anything.
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