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    Hi, I haven't played for several years, i installed gta sa and mta, i tried to join one of servers and i got banned Disconnected: You were banned by MTA Reason: TRAINER My serial: 25CDAC3FFB3B553F9B38153ADB8B2092 I suppose it may be caused by fact that i play on VM (qemu kvm with gpu passthrough).
  2. Hi Max+, i can't find #beta 2 source code, what i found is beta#3 and post beta#3 source code, you are intersted of this source code?
  3. Community relase Official blog Google code Screens descriptions later
  4. To gra, a nie film, sam silnik jakby działał szybciej i płynniej i gra jest bardziej responsywna, nawet jeśli nie widać tyle klatek.
  5. BaseMode source code will be released soon.
  6. One global timer on server side, on every secound is not a " lots of timers", rest of timers are temporary, of short execution time and with a small number of repetitions ( mostly only once ), which do not occur at the same time, to the vast majority of client side. So if you do not have adequate knowledge don't talk nonsenses
  7. Stop server, open acl.xml and add new acl grup: <acl name="aspect"> <right name="general.ModifyOtherObjects" access="true"></right> <right name="function.startResource" access="true"></right> <right name="function.stopResource" access="true"></right> <right name="function.callRemote" access="true"></right> <right name="function.setPlayerMuted" access="true"></right> <right name="function.kickPlayer" access="true"></right> <right name="function.banPlayer" access="true"></right> <right
  8. Description Features Command list Access ( add in acl.xml ) To run Gallery FAQ about source code: Download http://code.google.com/p/ad-aspect/downloads/list Source http://code.google.com/p/ad-aspect/sour ... n%2Faspect Detailed description + RULES: http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Resource:Aspect
  9. But what? I didn't do this... Go to first post...And how you can see "Acces" - this was added by lil_Today
  10. I don't have any power, this black list was created for players request and it's blank and probably will be allways blank, additionally this uses kickPlayer and cancelEvent, so this can't ban you on your own server, just you'll get a kick, when the resource will be stopped you will be "unbanned". So people who will use this gamemode, exactly know about everything, and how I said I'm not gonna ban anyone... If you have a problem with this, just don't use this gamemode, your hating just makes me laugh... What's your problem, you're jealous or what? I really dont know it and i don't care, tha
  11. * detection modified files in gta3.img ( with the exception of weapons textures and weapons models resembling in size to original models ), Fake and gay.
  12. I saw this topic, and when I read it make my day Hahaha, also in version 1.1 i will be able to control of yours minds by lua
  13. lol? I don't collect any informations! And bans lol? No one has been banned. "was created for professional clan matches with attention to clean game and playinign with rules." This is not a normal gamemode for all kind of players, this is for a small group of players... And basemode also was "compiled" and there was no problem with this, so I don't understand... If you don't want, don't use, your problem...
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