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    Server redirect

    onPlayerJoin redirectPlayer. That's how it's done on our old server as you might know. Don't you know scripting a bit? Isn't that hard, 1-4 lines.
  2. Hm, I would rather get some external download server instead of setting httpmaxcon too low, because this will reduce download speed (slightly), especially for many small files. I think some servers (nginx, lighttpd?) are better for this purpose than others, as they are better in handling many connections, but I'm not very sure about that.
  3. sver or ver in the server or ingame console http://pastebin.com/BC2LANEE http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Cli ... e_Commands
  4. gr8, found the solution: make was "caching all changes away" or whatever. Have never worked with it. I guess after changing something (including arguments for ./configure) i had to use one of make clean, make uninstall or make distclean. The solution to my original problem was indeed configuring with the parameter --without-system-pcre . omfg
  5. Well i got my server starting now by putting the http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian/pool/ma ... 1_i386.deb -> /lib/libpcre.so.3.12.1 to /lib32/libpcre.so.3 . But my question remains, why are my binaries different from the precompiled ones?
  6. Hi there, i'm just trying to compile the mta server on my own to be able to make some small changes (remove the hardcoded login command amongst others) I want to use this server on Debian 6 64bit, I'm compiling on Debian 6 32bit. I can run the precompiled 1.1 server on this 64bit Debian, so the 64bit is not the problem. (In order to run i just needed to apt-get install lib32ncursesw5 lib32readline5 ) I can't run the server which I compiled, though. When starting it, it says: Apparently there's no lib32pcre (libpcre and libpcre-dev are installed) out there which I could install. But this
  7. Mdbelen

    Anti-Cheat Corner

    From which version on is this supposed to work? Because it seems that it doesn't work with the latest rc. I have 1.0.4-rc-2425 on Linux and after adding this line ("1.0.4") to mtaserver.conf and restarting the server, there's still players with old clients shown in the admin panel. Or is it probably just a stupido mistake of mine again??
  8. And what if the resource is not running? It needs to achieve the same effect as "refreshall". I don't think that this is done with a simple start of the resource.
  9. Hi, i just saw, that there should be a refreshResources function in MTA 1.1. I guess this is supposed to refresh all resources on the server. But IMO it would be nice if you could refresh single resources, too. You could change the command to refreshResource( [theResource] ) and if theResource is nil it refreshes all. Would be useful if you change some settings of a resource (e.g. ghostmode false->true) you could refresh it without causing the lag caused by refreshing all resources at once (which is incredible high).
  10. eeh.. easyish? Well i don't have a big clue about C and i don't even know in which file i have to search.. but i found something in "svn/trunk/MTA10_Server/mods/deathmatch/logic/lua/CLuaFunctionDefinitions.cpp", Line 11580 int CLuaFunctionDefinitions::Get ( lua_State* luaVM ) { CResource* pResource = m_pResourceManager->GetResourceFromLuaState ( luaVM ); if ( lua_type ( luaVM, 1 ) == LUA_TSTRING ) { CLuaArguments Args; CXMLAttributes *pAttributes; unsigned int uiIndex = 0; bool bDeleteNode; // Extract attribute name if setting
  11. Hi, little question about bugs.mtasa.com I'd like to have a filter to see only bugs/.. reported by me. There is a reporter-filter but i can only choose from a small list of users there. An Editfield would be much more useful. Best would be to see the "own" reports in "My View". I think you can imagine that this would be helpful if you reported a bugs and want to check its statuses, maybe feedback is needed. But how should i get to know? Search for all my reported bugs once a week? Probably/Hopefully i just overlooked this function because this is very essential, isn't it? Would be thankfu
  12. Hi, i recently got into trouble with the get() function. I want to check if a setting (ghostmode) is set true or false or not at all in the meta.xml of a map. But get(..) returns false if it is set false and if it isn't set. Actually i wanted to set it true manually for all maps where it isn't set yet, but i can't distinguish the cases (so all maps-ghostmode would be set true^^). (If the setting is set to "false" then it returns false as string i think, but you can set it "[false]", too, then get() will return false as boolean.) So maybe it would be better to return nil if no setting is fou
  13. Hi there, i have a little big problem with the setResourceInfo function. I want to use it to save a tostringed number as attribute "cid" to all race maps on the server. (e.g. ) Sometimes this works, but sometimes it doesn't; i really have no clue why. Often when i want to set or change the value it just doesn't change the file(meta.xml), though it returns true If I use getResourceInfo for this attribute then, it returns the new value. But it just doesn't save it to the file, not on refresh(all), not on servershutdown. After serverrestart getResourceInfo returns the value stored in the fil
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