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  1. Sam Fisher

    Old Resources

    Will the old resources that worked with the previous DP versions (like superweapons, modshop, etc) be compatible with the final 1.0 version of MTA?
  2. Looks great but how can I include it in MTA?
  3. This is the clientside code: localPlayer = getLocalPlayer() wnd_window = {} addEventHandler( "onClientLogin", getResourceRootElement( getThisResource() ), function ( theResource ) --outputConsole( "wnd_showServerInfo called" ) --outputConsole( " source: ".. tostring( source ) ) --outputConsole( " resourceStarted: ".. tostring( theResource ) ) if source == getResourceRootElement( theResource ) then --outputConsole( " passed if: source == resource" ) local xml = xmlLoadFile( "server.xml" ) local contents
  4. May I ask you how many replaced vehicles do you using in your server? I have problem after I replace 12-13 I don't know exactly how many but the game quits with timed out. If I'm trying to rejoin the server it quits again. I'd like to replace at least 30 vehicles. But I can't...
  5. I've started to replace the vehicles in the game and after a 12-13 vehicles the game quits with timed out. Hope it will be fixed in DP3.
  6. Yes thats way it works fine. We should find a way to modify the replacing script to start only after the player spawned. Any ideas how to do that?
  7. Would you please post the script if you finished with it?
  8. It will be a very hard and long work to reproduce the two city... Can it be possible somehow to convert it from the GTA United mod to MTA?
  9. I saw a great mod on one of the GTA modding sites. It's name is GTA United and if I'm right it adds liberty and vice city to san andreas and you can travel between them. Will it be possible in any of the upcoming versions of MTA to include LC and VC somehow?
  10. There are a lot of vehicle replacement mods on different GTA websites. In the readmes they say you have to change handling.cfg vehicle.ide and sometimes other files. I know it's not possible in DP2, but if I put a new vehicle model in MTA I face problems like my player is unable to get into the vehicle or opens the door of the vehicle from 2 meters above the car and drives the car outside the vehicle etc It's funny but I hope there will be a way to fix this. Which files should be edited in DP3 to fix these problems?
  11. I'd like to combine a login and a welcome window script. This is the beginning of the serverside login lua file: function clientAttemptLogin(username,password) local userAccount = getAccount(username) local tryToLog if (client) then tryToLog = logIn(client,userAccount,password) if (tryToLog) then outputChatBox("Minden van!",client) triggerClientEvent(source,"clientLoginSuccess",getRootElement()) triggerClientEvent(source,"( theResource )",getRootElement()) else outputChatBox("Ezt elkurtad!",client
  12. Would someone please post a source for a register/login script with GUI? Thanx for any replys.
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