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  1. RgL

    language script

    varez remember when u said me that i sould reinstall my host and u said configs have nothing to do with that 1 month i tried to fix my host and then i tried to fix my configs and it worked.... when i fixed my configs
  2. RgL

    language script

    hey guys i just wanted to ask how to create language script on server when people connects theres a GUI and 2 flags u press on the flag and chose the language...
  3. i said im a new guys at all this... so what should i do?
  4. How to create 2 languages on server?
  5. i did every thing u said but http://www.part.lt/img/df2c0d884f49e32c ... 214728.png
  6. Oh No i have mta folder in mta folder is mods folder and server files like mta-server. On mods forder there is deathmatch folder. On deathmatch folder 3 folders i dont remenber names but 1 is logs 2 resourse and 3 i dont remember. P.S. Im sorry for my mistakes im a new guy on lua scripting
  7. No i do like that cd mta - opens folder with server files ./mta-server - starts server start race - is what i cant do
  8. i put mods and server files into folder. resourse into deathmacth folder. baseconfig into resourse.
  9. If ur tried to lauch mode on game check acl file if on gamehost sorry idk...
  10. Its about server config i think
  11. Idk its like cd mta ./mta-server start race and nothing...
  12. I did it before creating this topic... And about wiki nothing about linux server just about windows servers maybe there is a nother way to fix my problem?
  13. Hey guys, i have a problem with mode starting. When i do start race it says resourse not found...
  14. RgL

    How to?

    Is there a tut how to create money script on race?
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