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  1. Hi thank you When I try the command, it works but the problem is that it does not change the speed indefinitely (he take position and takes it back in place) I didn't see how to resolve the problem so I still need your help ^ ^ Thank you again ^^
  2. I make this command but she doesn't work function ralentissement(vehicle) local theVehicle = getPlayerOccupiedVehicle ( source ) speedx, speedy, speedz = getElementVelocity ( theVehicle ) if isPlayerInVehicle ( source ) then setElementVelocity ( theVehicle, speedx-10, speedy-10, speedz ) end end addCommandHandler ( "test", ralentissement )
  3. Hi, thank you for links. But, when I use setElementVelocity nothing happens. I will try again thank you.
  4. Hi all the world, I'm trying to create a system to inflict damage to the driver and passengers in a collision against a wall. The problem is that I try lots of different techniques but not conclusive. . . If anyone could guide me it would be nice:) I would also ask another question. How could I do to reduce the speed of the car during a clash and the engine stops when major damage. Thank you in advance (Sorry for my English: s)
  5. Hi all, I'm looking for these two dlls files that are no longer on the wiki. Hoping that you can help me. . . Thank you (Sorry bad english ^ ^)
  6. Okay, it work. Thank's all. Topic resolved (Sorry very bad English ^^)
  7. Okay, thank's a lot Siyo ^^. I'll try it now. EDIT: I've got an error, but I don't found it: line 4: VehInfo = {Model, Float:Pos_X, Float:Pos_Y, Float:Pos_Z, Float:Pos_ZA, Couleur1, Couleur2, Proprio, NomVehicule, Vendu} VehicleInfo = {}
  8. Sorry for Up but i really need this. Thank's.
  9. Hi, Sorry for my English (I use Google translation) I am again MTA: DM, after a few tests, I still can not put an "array". In fact, I coded PAWN and I adapt my script LUA. I will show you the table PAWN: enum vInfo { id, Float:pos_x, Float:pos_y, Float:pos_z, Float:pos_za, color1, color2, }; new VehicleInfo[700][infoVeh]; I would like to adapt it to LUA. Thank you in advance for your reply.
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