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  1. thanks for a awesome work guys! keep it up as long as possible.
  2. Great & awesome work, guys. Really, it's time to make this work completely public. I wish you such magnificent releases as often as it's possible. Kindest regard, [LDT]LuxurY.
  3. Russian letters in MTA server console: function fixconsole(str) local fix_str = "" local fix_len = string.len(str) local ascii_byte for i=1, fix_len, 1 do ascii_byte = string.byte(str,i) if (ascii_byte == 0xA8) then ascii_byte = 0xF0 elseif (ascii_byte == 0xB8) then ascii_byte = 0xF1 elseif (ascii_byte > 0xBF and ascii_byte < 0xF0) then ascii_byte = ascii_byte - 0x40 elseif (ascii_byte > 0xEF and ascii_byte < 0x100) then ascii_byte = ascii_byte - 0x10 end fix_str = string.format("%s%s",fix_str,string.char(ascii_byte)) end
  4. not lua. MTA doesn't support these chars. lua supports russian chars. I did lots of functions with russian characters and they work perfectly. Anyway it'll be nice to have a fix in dp3.
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