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  1. hehe ya ta fix mas uma coisa, tens de utilizar outo webhost pk a lycos realmente estraga a sena da pagina =D fike fixe Portuguese to english traslation: well looks good only lycos banners and that stuff is making look bad ur page!
  2. Portuguese Translation here ya go: random quote = citações aleatórias top = top or topo (i like more top =D ) weapons = armas last seen = foi visto variable = variável value = valor statistics = estatisticas favorite = favorito victims = victimas vehicles = veíclos has boosted a total of = robou um total de players have joined for a total of = jogadores juntaram para um total de games = jogos murders have been committed and = os assassinatos foram cometidos e suicides = suicidios cars have been boosted = carros foram roubados boosted = roubado times = tempos ( in meaning of hours ) or vezes ( in meaning of quantity) search = procurar home = casa previous = anterior next = seguir name = nome score = pontos kills = matança deaths = mortes by= por here ya go =D hope ur understand the times =)
  3. yes it is =D and yes i have a wheel on my pc =D whit manual stick =D and it rocks =D anyway post ur screens hehe =D
  4. hey ppl me back and striking hehe =D ok Need for Speed Undergroung Demo is out go download it =D then if u are a really fanatic, take a screenshot of ur best RECORD IN DRAG MODE!!!! here some links for download: NFS:Underground Demo [Gamershell Mirror] NFS:Underground Demo [Club Internet.fr Mirror] NFS:Underground Demo [NFS-Players.de Mirror List] AND OF COURSE STARTING WHIT ME HERES MINE =þ (i posted 4 but u only need 1 screenshot =D ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THIS WAS MY FIRST PRO RECORD UNTIL... =þ ... THIS =O IN THE FINAL MY RECORD WAS... 24.93 SEC DAMN IM PRETTY GOOD =þ =D ANOTHER THING THIS DEMO CAN BE PLAYED IN MULTIPLAYER TOO =D SO LETS MEET ON A DAMN BIG STREET =D
  5. DEMO OUT =D hehe and already got a new record! i will create a new topic to post yours records on DRAG gametype )D
  6. OMG ME LOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLOOL that is a damn big joke lololololol GJ =D
  7. maybe he used fraps, becouse there are another ways but whit fraps its more fast =D
  8. ok after i install any new model for any car i recive this error: ANYONE GOT THIS ERROR TOO? OR ANyONE CAN TELL ME OUW TO RESOLVE IT???? anyway WHAT DVD?????
  9. hi =D well i want say one thing about this mod, never, never, but never use realistic textures for weapons models, they look bad and suck try make meshes ur self the skin it =D will be much better! another thing these topics is all about OTHER MODS so think a little =D
  10. the modeling and skinning in the pyton and galil are good =) how many polis it have? anyway i think the skin on benelly need a little of work in soem parts and need to remodel a little in the midle (to fat?), anyway make some shotgun shells =D anyay looks to be a cool mod =D
  11. ok anyway theres nos xbox emulator , yet... they are testing and sems that Halo is 80% complete to play but i dont gona tell u anything because EMUS ARE ILEGAL!!!!!! same as all related piracy stuff =D and u can read XBOX dvd discs but u need a plug-in ps: and plz dont PM ME OK????
  12. i need to know one thing, in VC 0.2 will be fixed the router problem? about two connections connecting to a server?? i mean in 0.1 when a guy is connected to a server then another guy join in teh same server, a msg box apears "this ip is already connected" or something like that... and this is not for LAN. will be fixed becouse i need to know that =|
  13. i think 32 players is to mush for one server to mush confusing =\
  14. npc in mta? nahh dotn think so anyway killing npc suck lol
  15. woring place and i think this were already discuted (msg above player whit ballons)
  16. DAMN lol here in portugal just finished the old version of family guy now i have to w8 6 months +/- for the movie lol =|
  17. ok here what i think 1 week for finishing this version of mta then 1 week more of tests =) YEY 100 POSTS =)
  18. lol we know that is kick ass becouse there are AWSOME guys that are spending some of they time to making vc and gta3 njoiable (ha dont know if this word is right lol) online =)
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