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  1. I have the server 24 hours left open but could not
  2. i have, and it don't work... Start mta server.exe and leave it running for 24h?
  3. wtf..? My Friends can! and not with hamachi or Lan. And now you can join? about quick connect
  4. Yes. It stuck :-/? Oh YES it was stuck... now he says again the error
  5. What must I do now? Do I have to do my PC and server on and dont close it for 10 hours? and with the browser stands with seite: Add Server Engine: "MTA (Multi-Theft-Auto)" Querying
  6. O_O ITS WORK ... but I have to let the server, PC and browser on? and this 24 Hours? stands there all the time: http://img443.imageshack.us/img443/9656/unbenanntse.png
  7. ... Yes i have used that! but it don't work
  8. How to a adde? Error: http://img411.imageshack.us/img411/3716 ... nntwuf.png wieistmeineip.de * http://img46.imageshack.us/img46/4108/unbenanntwis.png and with port 22003 not work Sorry a can't open a new Thread (and Post) in the game-monitor Forum. (acces denied ..)
  9. Not work <config> <!-- This parameter specifies the name the server will be visible as in the ingame server browser and on Game-Monitor. It is a required parameter. --> <servername>[color=#0000FF]Default MTA Server[/color]</servername> <!-- ONLY USE THIS PARAMETER IF YOU ARE SURE OF WHAT YOU ARE DOING - it is generally only needed for professional servers and should be left blank otherwise. This parameter specifies the IP to use for servers that have multiple IP addresses. If left blank, it will de
  10. Hi people, I wanted an MTA: SA Server create, unfortunately he is not in the server browser list, I have the ports: UDP 22 004 / 22 003 TCP UDP / TCP and TCP 22 005 22 126 UDP / TCP free, and they are free, people can port over Quck Connect and connect via IP. All firewalls are off! But he is not in the Browser server list.
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