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  1. have u tried right click and edit with notepad just to get the serial number or are u still trying to recover the reg files it would be awesome if this is possible because i could get mine back then hopefully
  2. if u have managed to install MTA its not to big a problem go to MTABETA.COM and login with your original account name and then look at your profile and it should have your serial number listed open windows registry and go to My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas on the right of the screen should be 2 entries 1 is DEFAULT with the path for MTA 2 is GTA : SA Path with the path for GTA game u need to right click and create 2 new string values call the first one serial and the second one username then right click first string value and modify then put
  3. im trying to upload it to fileshack for u but not gettin anywhere at the moment. i will post the link as soon as i can. here u go http://rapidshare.de/files/40053761/mtasadm_v1.0-dp2.exe.html small warning though i have had the same problem with 2.1 i reinstalled windows XP and then did MTA install with 2.0 chose not to create account and then it said the account was connected to another PC and did i want to transfer it to this one. didnt think it would be a problem as i was just doing a reinstall on same PC so i said yes. then when i tried to start the game it said i had invalid serial
  4. i have three accounts running on three pcs on my network 2 of them are fine but about a month ago one copy of MTA stopped workin tried everything i could think of and everything on the forums but no good ended up reinstalling windows XP and have just gone to re enter username and serial number but the serial number no longer appears in my profile on MTA BETA.COM ( what the hell ) i have read every other serial problem forum here ( and all the misplaced ones as well ) but i cant see anyone with this problem i know serial generator is down but i dont think i need it as i just need to find m
  5. try stopping all other resources first in server window just type stopall with no space and it should say all resources stopped then type start broph and u should be ok if you look in the MTASERVER directory \mods\deathmatch\ and open mtaserver.cfg and scroll to bottom you will see this <!-- Specifies resources that are loaded when the server starts and/or which are protected from being stopped. To specify several resources, add more <resource> parameter(s). --> <resource src="admin" startup="1" protected="0"/> <resource src="helpmanager" startup="1
  6. i think all control settings have to be done in single player and MTA will pick up the changes from there. i havent come across any control settings in MTA itself. i have seen in other threads people having problems with mouse not working and they had to change control configuration in single player. just start GTA SA as normal without MTA and change control settings there. hope that helps
  7. the script from tma sorts out the falling through the world problem but when i first tried setting the camera position and then set camera look at player if u drove or walked a little way past the camera u would start falling through the world at the time i was trying to make what i call a thrillcam which when u jumped off a ramp u would hit a collision sphere at the top of ramp camera would be fixed about 20 - 30 feet in front of you and would watch the car as it did the jump and then switch back to normal. that part worked fine but if u drove another 50 feet or so then u would fall through.
  8. i have been working on a special camera for when u do jumps but im not sure if its quite what u need do u want the camera to follow the train like it does in a car or do u want a cinematic camera like 50P mentioned there are a lot of issues with the camera functions at the moment ( i have heard they should be fixed in DP3 but nothing certain yet ) if u set the camera to a fixed position then set it to look at the player it causes the world to become un solid ( you fall through the ground ) and if you use onClientRender the camera becomes very twitchy and frame rate seems to drop considerabl
  9. i think this is what u need GUI system to spawn cars , warp player , create vehicles and loads more just download and put in your resources directory then start resource i think it is meant for freeroam so i dont know if it will work with other gamemodes http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=43
  10. not sure about objects but when u set new textures for cars u always have to load the texture twice or the car is white most people set the load texture function to a user command and just do it twice and texture loads second time you run function an idea that i have seen ( not tried yet ) is to use setTimer on the TXD and DFF file load so when u type command it loads TXD and DFF then waits 5 seconds or so and repeats. i dont think there is any other way around it yet but i have heard they are trying to improve it for DP3 hope that helps
  11. if u just want the vehicles from map file to respawn u can use the consolecreatevehicle function in broph but there is one little thing to change here is the function function consoleCreateVehicle ( player, commandName, first, second, third ) if ( player ) then local id, x, y, z, r, d = 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 5 local plate = false r = getPlayerRotation ( player ) x, y, z = getElementPosition ( player ) x = x + ( ( math.cos ( math.rad ( r ) ) ) * d ) y = y + ( ( math.sin ( math.rad ( r ) ) ) * d ) if ( third ) then id
  12. the reason it cant find the map editor resource is either ( the official one isnt done till DP3 ) or ( the . on the end of map editor ) i only speak english so im not sure if this is the answer u need but looking at your post i think u just need a game for a LAN setup if that is the case u need to type start BROPH in the server for freeroam game or start CDM for calssic death match or CTF for capture the flag or INTERSTATE69 which is deathmatch in cars ( very cool but needs at least 2 players to start ) there are a few other gamemodes as well ( STEALTH / CTV / RACE ) once u have started t
  13. i guess the only thing left is to ask lil toady. i lost the info for 3 pcs on my network and he managed to get the info for all three from my ip address. it took a few days but he got there in the end. he will help if u ask nicely
  14. im not very good at scripting so not sure how much help this will be after looking through the BROPH resource i found that it uses a seperate function to respawn vehicles i think if u take the setvehiclerespawnposition and setvehiclerespawndelay out of the first function and then try this function vehicleExplode () setTimer ( respawnVehicle, 2500, 1, source ) end addEventHandler ( "onVehicleExplode", root, vehicleExplode ) i think that will help but like i said im not sure. hope it helps
  15. i think u may be asking the wrong people this forum is for MTA DM try looking here for MTA 0.5 http://forum.mtasa.com/viewforum.php?f=75
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