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  1. Zango's code is the producer's script translated into numbers. Please remember to give authority to the acl in the admin script to work! Add to that the ACL admin group: http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... ls&id=2567
  2. Yes yes.. Sorry . I edit _common.lua. Thanks for code.
  3. Code is: function dxDrawColorText(str, ax, ay, bx, by, color, scale, font) local pat = "(.-)#(%x%x%x%x%x%x)" local s, e, cap, col = str:find(pat, 1) local last = 1 while s do if s ~= 1 or cap ~= "" then local w = dxGetTextWidth(cap, scale, font) dxDrawText(cap, ax, ay, ax + w, by, color, scale, font) ax = ax + w color = tocolor(tonumber("0x"..string.sub(col, 1, 2)), tonumber("0x"..string.sub(col, 3, 4)), tonumber("0x"..string.sub(col, 5, 6)), 255) end last = e+1 s, e, cap, col = str:find(pat, last) end if last <= #str th
  4. Script is not running
  5. You have not understood me. EPG server gonna like it. As an example, the name of Cavo # FF0000rta dxDrawText Cavorta function as a write.
  6. So how did the EPG? Do you have a knowledge?
  7. Are you a writer export function for RGB to HEX? EDİT: For example, the player's name Cavo # 990000RTA Would you show it as RGB? As in the EPG server.
  8. Color codes to people on the server how the R, G, B, as you project? Which functions are used?
  9. marker = createMarker (-2032.97,-115.76,1036.17, "cylinder", 1.5, 255,255,255,255,getRootElement()) setElementInterior (marker, 3) ???
  10. marker = createMarker (posX,posY,posZ, "cylinder", 1.5, 255,255,255,255,getRootElement()) setElementInterior (marker, 3)
  11. I create a marker in the interior. But "setElementInterior" function does not work. What could be the reason for this?
  12. dzek (varez) anyone mirror it ?
  13. OK. Would you link to the new game mode?
  14. BETA-1 link, however, did. Why do not you link to Beta-2?
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