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  1. Making comments like that doesn't exactly get it "on par" with MTA:SA. Killing off anyone's interest would only kill development for the project.
  2. What are you talking about? MTA 0.6 is still not out, so that statement doesn't really make much sense. Definitely! Shoot me a PM on here or feel free to contact me on Skype. My apologies for the late reply. This new forum software isn't notifying me of replies anymore...
  3. Considering you keep wanting to continue the project, you sure do ****-talk it a lot.
  4. I would sure love to know what Developer you are speaking of. I've never talked to you or seen you before. You also have not posted on the project's website. It isn't really all that hard. You just keep messaging me when I'm at work, and then don't read the offline replies..
  5. 1. Project Redivivus is not the mod. Please see the above post. 2. The external and internal server browsers are broken due to the listing services being down. You'll have to manually connect via IP. 3. That is dependent on people hosting servers. Argonath RPG had their 0.5r2 server up all last week with several people playing.
  6. I'm not sure why I didn't get notified about this topic via email by the forum, but MTA:VC and Project Redivivus are not synonymous. GTA3:MTA and MTA:VC are the Multi Theft Auto mods for GTA III and GTA:VC. Project Redivivus is a sub-group working under MTA's guidance to continue the development of GTA3:MTA and MTA:VC, while the main MTA team works exclusively on MTA:SA.
  7. Because we don't want to play GTA:SA. We want to play the games we enjoy.
  8. Of course. The External Server Browser won't list servers, though...courtesy Game-Monitor's death.
  9. You need to have a legitimate, non-Steam copy of the game to use the patcher program. (The Steam version is already patched with a different version not compatible with GTA3:MTA or MTA:VC). If you pirated your game, we cannot help you here.
  10. Sorry, but where it is? I mean for VC, not SA
  11. Please create a new topic in the support section.
  12. We are all here still. It should be the same as hosting the older versions.
  13. Awesome!!!
  14. If we can figure out how to sync other vehicles, (which would make this possible), the plan is to make them able to be scripted in, which would let you place them anywhere.
  15. Don't be afraid! P.S. Replying from work!