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  1. Support for MTA:mA for 0.6 is currently in an unknown state, as we have not had a chance to test it against the software yet. Because of some network logic and encryption changes, it may also require the release of a new .dll file for MTA:mA to be allowed to connect to the server.
  2. Right now MTA 0.6 does not support spawning new vehicles in due to the older engine design. This is a planned feature for Blue for the III/VC games. You can find old scripts on both the Multi Theft Auto and Project Redivivus online archives. Some may also be accessible through the Multi Theft Auto Wiki.
  3. We plan to, but right now all of our Developers are busy with other things in life. We're still trying to actively find more Developers to help us with this. 0.6 Nightly #2 is nearly done, barring some major issues we need to finish resolving first. Once that is released, depending on how things go, finalizing the remaining missing features could result in a beta being released shortly after.
  4. Well, I'd say that too is a fair assumption...
  5. You need to post this in the support boards for MTA:SA then. These boards are for the version of Multi Theft Auto that apply to GTA III and GTA:VC. GTA:SA is supported by MTA:SA specifically at this time. Can a moderator please move this?
  6. Until the pinned topic can be updated to remove a few broken links and add additional ones, (some still work), here is another alternative download for MTA 0.5r2's files: http://files.projectredivivus.com/mta05r2/ Please note: Your web browser and/or anti-virus program may falsely flag this website and the client installer, (as well as the client executable after installation), as malicious. These are known false positives. You can safely ignore the warnings. Several years ago, anti-virus programs began adding what are called heuristics to their applications in order to detect malicious s
  7. I replied to you on Discord with the link
  8. It has been a long, rough ten years that Project Redivivus has been in existence, and no doubt it has not been easy for us at all. Still, through perseverance, our team has managed to continuously develop something special that has held so dear to everyone's hearts for a very long time. Despite financial and developmental hardships, and the constant gain and loss of those who we call part of our team, it has not stopped us from working toward a brighter future for these mods that we care so much about. We are here, we are still working hard, and we will continue to reach our goals to ensure th
  9. So... ANOTHER UPDATE! ixjf recently removed and replaced the code for the Boost library, which has massively dropped down the size of the vendor files needed to build 0.6. That being said, MTAClient in 0.6 now also runs on Windows XP 32-bit again! Unfortunately upon fixing that particular stopping bug, as well as some others, we discovered multiple new chat and sync bugs in GTA3:MTA 0.6 that will need fixing before another release is possible. Zurix is also hard at work trying to *hopefully* sync horns and sirens in GTA III finally. (This has always worked in GTA:VC, but GTA III has
  10. CS:GO changer? What is that?
  11. Check http://www.projectredivivus.com/ for that information, however it is hard to tell with the legacy 0.5r2 and earlier versions. All of the server browsers from those versions are now offline. We are working on adding a new one for 0.6, however that is still being developed, so very few people are actively hosting servers for the nightly builds we have released.
  12. That may be the way to go. Sadly everyone here is so disconnected from each other now, so it is hard to get everyone in one place at once.
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