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  1. SugarD-x

    Is MTA Vice City still alive?

    Check for that information, however it is hard to tell with the legacy 0.5r2 and earlier versions. All of the server browsers from those versions are now offline. We are working on adding a new one for 0.6, however that is still being developed, so very few people are actively hosting servers for the nightly builds we have released.
  2. For GTA3:MTA, MTA:VC, or MTA:SA?
  3. SugarD-x

    MTA 0.5r2 Servers in Europe, join!

    That may be the way to go. Sadly everyone here is so disconnected from each other now, so it is hard to get everyone in one place at once.
  4. SugarD-x

    Is MTA Vice City still alive?

    Of course! (On a side note, it is getting really annoying that I'm no longer getting notifications of new topics in this board. I keep missing topics like this one! D: )
  5. SugarD-x

    Lua 5.3?

    I hate to bump such an old topic, but theoretically could it be possible to have 5.1 be the "default" seen by MTA:SA unless manually changed by the user? Even as a long-term fix, that could be used to eventually promote users migrating over to newer versions, and eventually the default could be changed when the developers feel word has gotten around enough. (Kind of like the idea of how XP builds of MTA:SA still exist for those users while they are being encouraged to move over to a newer OS before XP support completely ceases in MTA:SA down the road).
  6. SugarD-x


    NitroNN, I would suggest contacting the web developers directly regarding this. The website was indeed redesigned a few years ago, but they may take it negatively if you say it is "outdated". Try to approach them over private message in a friendly manner and see if they would like to try out your suggestions on a fresh look. I'm not sure of who is on the web development team these days, but I believe Blokker is still one of the original web developers from MTA's early days, and he still comes around from time to time on here.
  7. SugarD-x

    Just a tease...

    Just in case anyone was getting worried about things on the Blue front too, here's another teaser for you... And yes. It compiles.
  8. SugarD-x

    "houston, we got a pb ...."

    Why was this moved to the MTA:SA board? This is a MTA:VC issue...
  9. SugarD-x

    Just a tease...

    No worries. The more players, the better!
  10. SugarD-x

    Just a tease...

    It shall come back soon!
  11. SugarD-x

    Just a tease... that no one thinks we aren't making any progress, these are the commits thus far on the private GitHub repository this year alone: And here you can find a small changelog of just some of the things we have fixed: (The actual list is so large, it would be impossible to document it all. We have also lost track, as thousands upon thousands of changes, bug fixes, and features have been applied or added. The changelog list also only contains somewhat recent data from the last time the bug tracker was reinstalled fresh, and does not show past changes that applied to earlier builds of 0.6, nor 0.5.1).
  12. SugarD-x

    Just a tease...

    MTAServer on Windows Vista and above 64-bit, (which is unfortunately unable to be built and possibly be used on Windows XP x64 due to the lack of 64-bit support for Windows XP in the publicly-released Windows SDK. This does not affect 32-bit Windows XP builds, and may be fixed in the near future, if possible).
  13. SugarD-x

    Just a tease...

    Another little teaser for everyone! MTAServer is officially compatible with 64-bit Mac OS X Mojave!
  14. SugarD-x

    MTA 0.5r2 Servers in Europe, join!

  15. SugarD-x

    Just a tease...

    Okay folks! Just a quick update! We're still hard at work and trying to get 0.6 Nightly 2 out the door to you all! Unfortunately we've come across a few more small bugs that we have decided to fix before releasing the new nightly so that users can have a more stable, friendly build to test and play with. That being said, in addition to us still also trying to fix the XP build issue, I am actively in the process of trying to get new builds of MTAServer for OpenBSD and FreeBSD built! (Apparently 0.5 included releases of these, however they were not widely known). Due to OpenBSD's security policies regarding code compilation, this requires us to replace an old Unix-specific function in order to get things building again. Anyway, more coming soon!