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  1. SugarD-x

    Just a tease...

    Okay folks! Just a quick update! We're still hard at work and trying to get 0.6 Nightly 2 out the door to you all! Unfortunately we've come across a few more small bugs that we have decided to fix before releasing the new nightly so that users can have a more stable, friendly build to test and play with. That being said, in addition to us still also trying to fix the XP build issue, I am actively in the process of trying to get new builds of MTAServer for OpenBSD and FreeBSD built! (Apparently 0.5 included releases of these, however they were not widely known). Due to OpenBSD's security policies regarding code compilation, this requires us to replace an old Unix-specific function in order to get things building again. Anyway, more coming soon!
  2. SugarD-x

    Happy 9th Birthday Project Redivivus!!!

    It started on Discord first. He's just mad because he can't get a girlfriend!
  3. SugarD-x

    Just a tease...

    Andddd...Ubuntu Linux. And because why not.
  4. SugarD-x

    Just a tease...

    We're getting closer every day to finishing Nightly 2! Right now we're just trying to iron out some stopping bugs that arose. While we do that, however, I just thought I'd share a couple more teasers with you guys! And yes, that is on Mac OS X.
  5. SugarD-x

    Just a tease...

    Just a quick update: We were FINALLY able to build MTAServer on Linux. If all goes well, expect the new nightly soon!
  6. SugarD-x

    Happy 9th Birthday Project Redivivus!!!

    They left from boredom because guys like you wouldn't work!
  7. SugarD-x

    Happy 9th Birthday Project Redivivus!!!

    Hey now. We've had female members on our team. Not my fault you scare them all off!
  8. It is with great pride that I recognize Project Redivivus for nine years of dedicated work and effort to the Multi Theft Auto project for our much beloved Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City games! Over the years, we have seen numerous people come and go, contributing massively to a project that has had deep meaning to many of the people in this community and others. Throughout this time, I have also met some of the kindest, funniest, and most-skilled people in my life. Having the chance to work alongside some of Multi Theft Auto's original developers has opened my eyes to some of the history of MTA and many other GTA multiplayer mods, and how they are what they are today. (The dedication put forth by the MTA team is nothing short of impressive). In the process, I've also seen quite a few of our own developers go on to officially work alongside the MTA team in multiple different capacities, thus helping to continue what we all know and love even more. To celebrate this long-standing group's birthday, I was hoping to officially release MTA 0.6 Nightly 2 to everyone. The plan was to push back the Windows XP/Boost fixes to 0.6 Nightly 3 so everyone could have something to play with in the mean time. Unfortunately our development team has run into an issue with compiling the Linux version of MTAServer, which is currently holding back this release. Fear not, though! We are still actively working on this, and hope that a resolution will be found within the coming days so everyone can have a late birthday gift from the PR team! Things are just around the corner, boys and girls. While 0.6 still has quite a bit of work left to be done on it before it can be open-sourced and released, significant progress has been made, and we are getting much closer to the end of it than ever before. This means that we'll hopefully be seeing releases to 0.7 and Blue also coming in the near future once the 0.6 base has been finalized for public use and view. Good things are coming. We just need a little more of your patience as we prepare them!
  9. SugarD-x

    Just a tease...

    Many of major issues with the project have been resolved! We're still working on the Boost situation, but tremendous progress has been made in the last few weeks. Our Beta Testers are also trying out builds that may become our next new nightly, pending a few other changes. Depending on the success of the next couple of nightlies, we may move into beta stage for GTA3:MTA/MTA:VC 0.6. (Because of the slow development over the last few years, our nightlies have been more like alpha builds with random development changes in between, so we understand that the build naming scheme is a bit off. Please bear with us while we try to get that on track).
  10. SugarD-x

    Just a tease...

    Hopefully a new nightly is coming soon! We're still working on the Boost library problems with Windows XP, and we've found a few more problems that need to be resolved, but it is getting there! The website has also been massively updated, and we're making advances on advertising through social media.
  11. SugarD-x

    Just a tease...

    Sooo...there has been MASSIVE progress today! As of right now, we have been able to combine nearly all of the code projects thus far into one solution in Visual Studio 2017, which are compiling with absolutely NO errors, and only 3 warnings! (We're in the process of fixing one as we speak). Two of them are related to bugs we have to fix in MTAClient yet. To give everyone a better understanding, this code was originally created in Visual C++ 6.0, circa 2003-2005, and had to be converted numerous times over the years to get where we are now. In the process, numerous bugs and bad/experimental coding issues were found, and a multitude of literally THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of errors and warnings were produced by modern compilers. The entire project also had very little to no documentation for us to go by, and A LOT of the code made absolutely no sense whatsoever, so tracing problems was extremely difficult! This project has come a VERY long way considering everything. Now I won't reveal much more right now, but be aware that there are huge changes coming soon! That being said, I'd also like to give a quick congratulations to Zurix, who has decided to take on a Developer role instead of simply just testing out our builds! Glad to have you aboard, buddy! For now, have fun everyone, and quit playing with yourselves!
  12. SugarD-x

    Just a tease...

    Quick update: The forum has been fixed! You can now register again.
  13. SugarD-x

    Just a tease...

    Apologies for the bump, but I thought this deserved a small update! The Modification I'm currently working on trying to fix the XP compatibility issues. I may have found a promising fix that I'm in the process of testing out. There is no guarantee that this will work, but it is definitely progress compared to what we've been experiencing prior. Now that being said, we have confirmed things to be working in at least Windows 7 and Windows 10, (although we expect anything Vista+ to already be operational). Some more testing is needed, but this shouldn't matter much anyway once the XP compatibility problems are resolved. Also, we have unfortunately found a couple severe bugs that will also need fixing before the next nightly is released. They are causing major crashes and desync that were not present prior, however I believe I have found the cause tonight while trying to work on the XP compatibility issues. The mod itself does run, though! The server is also extremely stable, and a build has been online for more than a week without crashing. I'm also looking at the possibility of the Mac server version, as mentioned here, but no promises on that being done for this nightly. The Website I've been doing some work on the website lately, (with much more still obviously needing to be done). For those of you unable to currently register on the forum, we are aware of the problem and trying to find the cause. (It is not as obvious as the ReCaptcha error claims). This will be fixed as soon as I can figure out why it is trying to display older code not present on the server. Several updates have also been made to the bug tracker, with many more still to go. As you may have noticed, the bug tracker looks pretty buggy, (pun intended). This is because it uses a software called "Mantis Bug Tracker" which is incredibly unfriendly to customizations, even in its latest version. In order to change something so simple as moving an image or formatting some text is insanely difficult and time-consuming, and requires me to document every change I make so later software updates can be applied around the changes. Now with that in mind, some issues caused by the custom design have been resolved, or are in the process of being taken care of. You'll now notice that the navigation bar at the top has a dropdown menu for the "Mantis Bug Tracker" button, allowing you to fully navigate from this location like on the other sections of the website. I'm still working on this, but it should be fully functional now, and the missing menus are now present again. The Team Please welcome Zurix to our team! He will be assisting us with testing various builds as we move forward. Zurix, for those of you who don't know, also has quite a bit of programming experience in his background, and is eager to help out where needed. He has also shown heavy interest in future versions of MTA for GTA III/VC, despite not finding the modification until somewhat recently. Thus far he has already been a tremendous help to us! On that note, we are still looking for more people to assist us! Are you a programmer with C++ experience and knowledge of GTA III and VC? Are you a web developer who knows the ins and outs of PHP, HTML, CSS, and other languages? Are you just yet another fan who is hungry to test out the bleeding edge, error-prone builds of the mod so you can help us squash even more bugs? Do you enjoy social media management, and are interested in creating media and/or informing our users of what is going on in Project Redivivus? Let us know! We are actively looking for anyone and everyone willing to help out!
  14. SugarD-x

    Docker container for 0.5r2

    Nice work!!!
  15. SugarD-x

    Cheat Engine Working

    No, we don't. This version is very old and easy to exploit, (which we are working on fixing in later releases). A reward system may be offered in the future if we gain enough support to financially make it possible, but right now it is not planned. Although MTA for GTA III and Vice City is made by MTA themselves, its current development is being led by a sub-team under them called Project Redivivus, which has no financial backing whatsoever, and codes mostly separately from the rest of the MTA team. Because of this, Project Redivivus has absolutely no affiliation with any financial offerings or donations that the MTA team gives or receives. It would also be unwise for us to offer such right now, given the state of the program for these games, as it is highly insecure at the moment. Now that being said, if you find new exploits later down the road that we had previously fixed or prevented, I don't see why we couldn't at least credit you with finding and reporting it.