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  1. Just a tease...

    You may wish to check one topic down in this board.
  2. Just a tease...

    We're getting close to that nightly release. Right now Callum and I are trying to resolve a bug that is preventing it from compiling in a matter that is compatible with Windows XP. We have it narrowed down to a library we are using that is refusing to compile with Windows XP support properly.
  3. In case anyone is interested in following our development or discussions regarding MTA 0.x through another medium, a Discord server has been opened up. You can find it here:
  4. Calling all old farts

    Hey, I'm still here too hahaha
  5. Just a tease...

    This is not an official build yet, and still needs some testing, but... Built using a Windows 10 Insider Preview SDK, with an updated version of Boost, and a whole lot of wasted time. More to come soon...
  6. MTA VC - Server

    I replied to your PM.
  7. MTA VC - Server

    We need Developers. The last two remaining ones are way too busy with real life to make any progress right now. I'm still actively updating the web services, but nothing is going on with the actual game mod because of that reason.
  8. MTA 0.5 installer repack released

    With? Bumping archived topics isn't going to get you what you need.
  9. MTA VC - Server

    I would suggest starting a separate topic for the map mod. It doesn't quite match the discussion at hand. (Still an awesome map, though!)
  10. Problem In MTA 0.5r2

    I'm not quite sure why I never saw this, but what is the issue with CloudFlare? It should be being bypassed on the server list.
  11. MTA Archives

    The "files" subdomain needs to be fixed. It is displaying an invalid certificate from all of the MTA domains, and if you are able to bypass this, (which Chrome blocks you from doing, but Edge does not), it just takes you to the MTA:SA Resources page instead of the file archive.
  12. MTA 0.1 or MTA 0.2 source code?

    GTA3:AM, aka GTA3:MTA 0.1, was the only version for GTA III or GTA:VC that was officially released to the public as open-source. I have been searching for a copy of its source code for years to host for historical purposes, but unfortunately I still can't find it. If someone has a copy, PLEASE send it to me so we can get it back online. It is of extreme importance to the entire GTA multiplayer modification community, and is the reason why GTA multiplayer mods exist today.
  13. MTA 0.5r2 uses Game-Monitor for its server browser, replacing the All-Seeing Eye. Unfortunately, Game-Monitor recently shut down too, leaving MTA for GTA III and GTA:VC once again blind. We are working on more methods to replace this properly for MTA 0.6. Right now all currently-released nightly builds will register on our website here:
  14. My apologies guys. I was subscribed to new topics in this forum, but apparently the software change for the forum itself removed that. I didn't realize anyone was posting! As for Project Redivivus, yes. We are still trying to continue things. Unfortunately our only remaining Developer is on a hiatus due to real-life complications, and finding coders is incredibly difficult. If we can find capable, knowledgeable users that can program in C++, I would absolutely love to get the ball rolling again. For those of you wondering, the plans for MTA 0.6 were mainly to continue updates to the modification line on that core, (codenamed Green Core), while eventually making it properly open-sourced. Unfortunately due to a heavy lack of publicized information, very little help from the original programmers, (most of which are no longer actively involved in MTA, or can't remember what it was they worked on), and a VERY confusing, hacky codebase that we have literally spent years trying to clean up, this has proven difficult. The plans for this core are intentional, as we want to not only open-source the modification properly for historical purposes, but also to give the users something to play while the Blue Core version is worked on. Now for the other goal involving the Blue Core, (which is the core MTA:SA uses, that was originally meant to be for a future build of MTA:VC many years ago that was never released). Our plan here is to port the Blue Core backwards from MTA:SA into GTA3:MTA and MTA:VC respectively through a complete codebase rewrite. (Think fresh start for GTA3:MTA and MTA:VC using MTA:SA's existing, but stripped-down base). Ideally down the road, we would like to also work with the MTA:SA team to be able to set up the code-base to accept patches for all three games properly so that changes to MTA:SA's version would also apply to the other two games as intended. (This is something that would be much later in the future, however). This in itself has its own obvious difficulties, with the biggest obstacle being that GTA III and GTA:VC use DirectX 8, whereas GTA:SA uses DirectX 9. That being said, Jack Powell at GTA:Connected recently found a way to upscale GTA III and GTA:VC to DirectX 9 for his multiplayer modification to support all three games without modifying any actual game files, so there is still hope that the same idea could be done with the Blue Core for GTA3:MTA and MTA:VC. We are in desperate need of able, trustworthy, and interested programmers. Please, if you want to help out and fit this category, come forward! We also don't mind working with other teams from other GTA multiplayer mods so long as nothing is leaked that shouldn't be, and there is a mutual cooperation/friendliness present.
  15. Dockerized MTA 0.5 Server