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  1. Make sure you set the project to "New issues" at the top right corner of the page.
  2. Are you, by any chance, running Process Hacker?
  3. Process Hacker will never trigger an anticheat measure in a Steam game using VAC 2. VAC 2 only bans for cheating. There was one case where having Process Hacker open while playing DotA 2 would get one's account suspended for a month for use of an external tool, but that was reported and fixed. (Not to be seen as a real argument, but: If they don't see it as a serious threat, why should we?) Assuming you just confused Process Explorer and Process Monitor. One advantage of Process Hacker over Process Explorer is, that it is being actively developed. Also, Process Hacker is expandable using
  4. Are you serious? Anyone who has the ability to cheat using Process Hacker also is able to write a program in a language of their choice that does exactly what Process Hacker is able to do or just modify Process Hacker's source so it passes AC unnoticed. Process Hacker is not a tool making cheating easy (in contrast to CheatEngine and similar programs, or trainers specifically made for GTA:SA). In my opinion this has just introduced an inconvenience for users using Process Hacker for legitimate purposes, e.g. as a great replacement for the Windows Task Manager. ("He's a cheater! How else could
  5. maybe, but what has mail190.effectiveservicemethod.net to do with that IP?
  6. network-tools.com also returns strange results http://network-tools.com/default.asp?prog=express&host=
  7. No. Additionally that IP has a red reputation on WOT.
  8. afaik the wiki was up all the time, you just had to type wiki.multitheftauto.com instead of wiki.mtasa.com the proxied page isn't a cached copy cause there was a change yesterday, when i already haven't been able to access the wiki, so it's a problem with my IP i think
  9. Hello Since some days ago, I can't access the Wiki any more. I have to use a proxy or otherwise Firefox only gives me a timeout error. Has anyone an idea why that happens? Did someone block an IP Range recently?
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