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  1. I installed MTA again for some racing antics and was raring to go when I realised I couldn't join games anymore. I load up MTA and everythigns fine, I'm at the menu and I bring up the server browser. Instantly A list of servers pop up, I go to refresh and it doesn't do anything. So I try to join one of the servers and it just crashes. Weird no? It freezes and I have to alt tab out and CTRL ALT DELETE and shut down gta_Sa.exe. Sometimes I can't alt tab so I just have to hard restart which is lame. Why would this happen. Am I not connected to the server list or something? Shame, really want to
  2. Haven't mananged to get into ANY server yet. Just loads, goes black, then I'm back on my desktop. Really Good. Lots of people are playing, yet i'm crashing for no reason? What gives.
  3. Only good ones so that doesn't include the Sex pit Series
  4. The readme included with the server files was really bog standard and didn't help at all. I changed the name of my server, and player amounts via the notepad file and when I run the server executable it still comes up as 'Untitled MTA server' with 32 players! I just want to setup a small server so a couple of friends can play in Freeroam mode (preferabbly). But I wouldn't know what do to. Haven't really found anything useful on here as of yet, but could someone provide me with a bit of help on how to set up a small freeroam server ?
  5. Port : 2003 GTAGAMING GTA3 Portland server
  6. So it's just the main basics of the MTA engine? I've seen you on an MTA server Havn't I? Jumping out the office window
  7. What the hell is this about, I searched and found nothing. The dots say that it's finished...
  8. Has nothing to do with nothing.
  9. Thats the End of him *claps hands*
  10. Yeah I think so, What connection you got?
  11. This is Bull,Nothing has ever worked fine before with me before
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