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  1. For anyone having trouble with installation. First, read the "readme" on Jstreamer gihtub. Second, when you want to use the resources, always drop the folder with the "meta" file in them. That means if you want to use the VC map, then you have to open the J-vice-city-master folder, take the VC2, VCLightGen, and VCmini folders and then them into the resources folder. Then start them just like any other resource, make sure you start all 3 of them. Same goes for the Jstreamer itself, always look for the folder with "meta.xml" in it, thats what MTA needs.
  2. So I tested out SAEG, but its the same as the usual RPG servers, not for me.
  3. Sounds really cool, cant wait. Great, thanks.
  4. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Locked What revolutionary will happen in the terms of RPG?
  5. So, anything new in this matter? Ive just checked the west-side RPG and its locked and empty as always.
  6. Yeah Ive arleady checked it out and it is indeed unique and refreshing. Not a material for this topic though.
  7. Also keep in mind that I like more than just the gameplay Im looking for in this topic. West-side might fail to meet my requirements for a classic RPG server (and thus making me continue the search), but maybe it will meet my other requirements for other kinds of gameplay.
  8. I know what I want and Im asking if someone has that. Thats all Im doing. Im NOT asking anyone to MAKE a server, Im asking for already existing servers. Besides Im pretty sure Im not the only one. Maybe Im the first to actually raise the voice instead of just giving up MTA #lostfaith style, but thats about it. And no, MTA is not such a big priority for me to start learning how to code and do everything myself and then make and upkeep a server. You have what I want? Fine, Ill play. You dont have it? Fine, Ill keep searching. Maybe I wont ever find it, so what, I dont care. But Im sure as hell not playing these crappy "popular" servers or those servers that are exactly the same with the only change being the lower player count and more bugs. Especially not because "thats life" or some other nonsense. As for West-side, Im already monitoring the activity. If nothing else, it seems different from the mainstream (and finally original ffs) so there is hope. Not too much for it after recent experience, but still some.
  9. So after some more testing the gamenet roleplay shows some potential, however almost none of my points are reflected there anyway. Really appreciate that there is almost nothing custom, but apart from this and the server being english there is nothing else from my list. Jobs are singleplayer based (which I understand with low player count) and there is fast travel (again I understand with low player count). Sadly, the job system is super confusing and counter-intuitive (getting to the work agency, then getting to your workplace, where for example Z icon stands for train driver is really confusing, and even after you get to the location marker you need to press a key again to actually get the job). Actually Ive never seen any help window on the server and I had to ask the players how the hell do I get a job. As for spawning vehicles, I just ran my fingers across the keyboard to find out how to do that. As for the english texts, they are badly written (and super funny at that), but thats a detail which can be easily fixed by someone who speaks english good enough. In conclusion the server is not what Im looking for, but it has a solid base and can be converted to what Im looking for rather easily but of course its up to you if you want to change it for people like me or not.
  10. Seems rather refreshing and original. Got a few questions tho: Where are the zombies? Will PVP always be mandatory (or will there be a PVP toggle button)?
  11. Yeah I noticed there are some supposedly job icons and stuff. But then again, I asked in chat if it was RP or RPG and I was told "RolePlay". Anyway, I will try it some more when I have the time, kinda planned it anyway. Then Ill see whats what.
  12. So I was recommended this "gamenet.ga" server, but sadly its an RP server and Im looking for an RPG. But hey, at least you can have a normal nick there (not like other RP servers) and the HUD and radar are somewhat normal so thats nice I might try it some more later, but I dont think its what Im looking for.
  13. Thanks for the recommendation, but please dont write that stuff here, Its not nice to advertise other servers in someone else's server topic. Continue discussion here:
  14. I dont really want to get into this conversation, but you should definitely use this thread to write down (and show on pictures) what only your server has. If your server doesnt have anything unique or interesting, players wont play it even if they try it. So, yeah, either tell the players whats unique and/or very interesting on your server, or (if you dont have anything like that) make it and then post it here. Posting random screenshots of standard (and sometimes visually messed up) RPG features is not gonna win you any players. Im not trying to offend anyone, just trying to be constructive here and giving you advice without emotions. Follow the advice or not, its your choice.
  15. Well maybe I wont find such server and will have to make it myself later on, but Im surely not playing another server like this. If I wanted to do that I would play the 3 biggest RPG servers there are and not a new, empty one. Besides, its pretty much impossible to play more than 30 mins when Im already banned. No complaints there as I have no intention to come back there anytime soon either way.
  16. Oh Im sorry mate but as I said in my "looking for RPG server" topic, Ive tried it already, and it is nothing like what Im looking for. Again its full of custom stuff and even stuff from other servers, which is just unacceptable (unless they have permission from them). Plus they even managed to ban me during my first 5 minutes just for asking a legitimate question, which also speaks volumes about the staff. Anyway, thank you for trying to find me the right place, so far you are the only one who at least tried, but this is really not the way. Im looking for a very simple vanilla RPG without all the glitter and mess.
  17. So an update for everyone who isnt following the news: URC has been closed down, everyone has migrated to UGN. Yet, that said, UGN is nothing more than a SAUR rip off, including most of their assets, including that damn voodoo corolla lol. And even if it was original, its just the same custom mainstream server. Not even close to what this topic is about. So, yeah, my search continues. PS If anyone ever tries that server lower your volume for christs sake or youll get Earraped after registration and then again after dying by the GTA SA theme music (quite long as well).
  18. Okey. I appreciate you opening the server to us. +1 Anyway, as for my first impressions, I feel bamboozled like a shober. How could you read my main post and then say this was the server I was looking for? The very first thing I had to do was download 38 MB, then I was greeted by custom HUD and radar. Then I spawned in a whole custom hospital, met a car spawner after that and finally I teleported from the bus station on pershing square. This is the exact opposite of what I wrote about. Maybe you ended up in wrong thread or I dont know what happened, but if you really meant what you said, you should start with the vanilla game and RPG jobs. That means no teleports, no car spawners (except for houses) and no other custom crap (HUD, radar, textures, models, weapons). Once you have that, we will think what to do next.
  19. Yea boiiii, coming right over.
  20. So I see there are some complications @Knuck how much longer do you need?
  21. I havent found anything of that name in the server browser. But I did find Knuck working on the URC, so its hopefully getting closer to opening.
  22. Yeah I might do just that if theres nothing acceptable in months or years from now. Right now however I have little motivation to build and upkeep a big project on my own. Dont have the skills, dont have the time either. And I certainly dont want to half-ass the thing to give MTA players another crappy server among million others in the browser. If I ever start the project, I want to do it properly, not randomly add some broken stuff, disappear and then do the same again, thats just terrible. So here I am, looking for already made servers that would float my boat. And who knows, maybe one day Ill be the one co-shaping them into greatness along with their founders.
  23. Havent you read the main post? SAUR and CIT are perfect examples of serveers I dont want to play.
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