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  1. ... Who need a Mac Pro ? I own a iMac (standard without upgrade) 3.06GHz Dualcore - 4 GB DDR3, and 500 GB of disk space with a GeForce 9400 256MB, it's just sufficient. GTA SA does not need a High End CPU/GPU like Grand Theft Auto IV. A Mac Pro is made for specific needs, is for those who work with the Adobe Creative Suite firstly. I own a Mac and a PC, it's not i dont want to play on my PC but it will be cool to play on different platform so we can get (a little) more players.
  2. Hello, I was wondering if MTA SA will be ported since Rockstar said "GTA 3/VC/SA" will be ported to the platform Macintosh. I would like to have the answer from the developers of the mod, and not get an answer like "You need a brain" from members on the SA-MP Forums... Thanks for reading. Aless