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  1. At first I liked this host. But they have random downtimes, which can last for DAYS! As of yesterday, the DE2 server has been offline for no reason, and I have experienced more downtime in the past. Do not take this host ever, they really suck. The random downtimes are not worth the relatively cheap price.
  2. Hmm. When a player logins: function performLogin( source, token, isPasswordAuth, ip ) if source and ( isPasswordAuth or not triedTokenAuth[ source ] ) then triedTokenAuth[ source ] = true if token then if #token == 80 then local info = exports.sql:query_assoc_single( "SELECT userID, username, banned, activationCode, SUBSTRING(LOWER(SHA1(CONCAT(userName,SHA1(CONCAT(password,salt))))),1,30) AS salts, userOptions FROM wcf1_user WHERE CONCAT(SHA1(CONCAT(username, '%s')),SHA1(CONCAT(salt, SHA1(CONCAT('%s',SHA1(CONCAT(salt, SHA1(CONCAT(username
  3. -- generate a salt (SHA1) local salt = '' local chars = { 'a', 'b', 'c', 'd', 'e', 'f', 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 } for i = 1, 40 do salt = salt .. chars[ math.random( 1, #chars ) ] end And then it does this: exports.sql:query_free( "INSERT INTO wcf1_user (username,salt,password) VALUES ('%s', '%s', SHA1(CONCAT('%s', SHA1(CONCAT('%s', '" .. sha1( password ) .. "')))))", username, salt, salt, salt ) So I think it stores the SHA1 hash of the password. Seems like the salt is random.....
  4. I'll make it for 5 euros (dropping items, which save in the mysql database)
  5. Don't add them to the ACL... Add them in the MySQL database to the administrators group. The 'wcf1_user_to_groups' table. And yes you probably DID use character names, not account names. It looks like your account name is 'jamiem', not 'Jamie_Mews' or 'Jamie Mews'.
  6. Pistolebob

    Drop item

    He has FTP access to my server. 2 days ago, I did make exactly this script. I'll just wait for a reply from drake..
  7. Pistolebob

    Drop item

    What? You are selling him my script, that you get from my FTP?
  8. I'm also going to make a wanted level, I can post some code here when I get home. When someone enters a car, that he/she does not own, the script should setElementData (player, "wantedlevel", value) to the old value + 30 for example.
  9. I have only one problem with this script. Only the house owner can enter the house, even if others know the key to the house. How could I change this?
  10. Nice but this doesn't save weapons and skin when a player dies. Could you add that?
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