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  1. Yes it's the same problem , But i fixed it when i added D3D9.dll to san andreas folder !
  2. D3d9.dll was not already in my GTA SA folder , I obtain it When i downloaded S0beit to try it On Sa Mp, There was 3 files : .Txt , .Ini and D3D9.dll ! then i deleted .ini and ;txt files and MTA SA works !^^ I found it too in C:/WINDOWS/system32 !
  3. Hi towncivilian , i know what i didnt have , Its d3d9.dll , now the game works PREFECTLY , Thanks a lot fot trying to help me ! and good game !
  4. Driver version is : igxprd32 / XP ! But about brand and model , can you tell me where can i find it ? !
  5. Of course : " Le pilot en cours d'installation n'a pas été validé pour cet ordinateur . contactez le fabriquant de l'ordinateur pour obtenir le pilote approprié " Note: it think that its the same problem in this topic : viewtopic.php?f=104&t=28678 !
  6. Mobile Intel® 4 series express chipset family !
  7. A new info , when i start in a server , it say "Connected[MTA SA 1.0.4 server GNU/linux]" ! (I am really sorry for my Bad english) !
  8. I want to install it but they show me a error when i want to Install It ! (sorry The language of windows XP is frensh) I will write something about the computer Maybe it can help you to find the problem : 1,93 GB RAM . IntelR celeron insideTM (???). IntelR Graphics Media Accelerator Driver For mobile.
  9. Im not expert on Computer but i will search : My operating system is Windows XP proffesionnel ! Video Card :Mobile Intel® 4 series express chipset family . size of video card : 1024Mb . nothing has changed when i updated directX runtimes (???) and deleting D3DX9_42.dll !
  10. Hi all , im am new ! sorry for My bad english ! First of all , I saw lots of videos of some peoples playing MTA:SA and i like it ! so i downloaded MTA:SA 1.0.4 , But i have a problem , When i want to play in a server The game work but I see Anything Brown and grey ! Help me please ! same with other versions of MTA:SA ! I tryed SA:MP and it works Perfectly ! so why MTA:SA doesn't ??
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