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  1. EXPERIENCE THE TRUE DEFINITION! Dear fellow MTA players, I am Neukfout. You might have heard (or you haven't yet) of me or my clan: HDGaming (HDG~). We are a multigaming (MTA:SA, BF3 and probably CoD:2 soon) clan. HDGaming exist for over three years already, but recently we made a new start. A new start means also new members and that's why we are looking for you. As I have got big plans for HDGaming, I could use a little help. If you would want to register on our site you would help us so much already. Join us, because: more people means more fun! Thanks so much, Neukfout. Stay connected
  2. You can start with the MTA Wiki http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Main_Page
  3. The resource name is right, so that won't be the problem. I used debugscript 3 and I got these errors when I started 'mapratings': When I started 'mapratings_report' I didn't get any errors, so it must be the mapratings resource... EDIT: Okay, I fixed the problem, but there's a new problem I rate a map like '/rate 6', but the server doesn't save the ratings (I suppose lol). When I redo a map which I just rated, it still says 'This map hasn't been rated yet.' I have no idea what to do. Debugscript 3 doesn't give any errors...
  4. I checked it again, with the MTA Wiki, and I can't find any errors/mistakes... It must be minor
  5. If you could explain what you want to do with those levels, we might be able to help you
  6. Yeah, sorry, also noticed the date of his last post after I posted my reply
  7. Just get into your admin panel, go to 'Resources', find 'dxscoreboard' and change the settings
  8. Thanks man, I'm using this resource on my server
  9. Good map, though remember this is a DM, not a DD!
  10. I don't really understand you, are you asking how to put an animation in your race resource? If that's it, I don't think that's possible... Never seen it before in any server, though I'm not an expert.
  11. Hey guys, I got a little problem with this resource: http://community.multitheftauto.com/ind ... ils&id=468 It's supposed to show the average map rating, but it doesn't show anything in the chatbox... I already checked THIS topic, and followed the suggestion, but it still won't work Could you please help me? This are my files: meta.xml <meta> <info name="Mapratings Report" description="reports the map name and it's current map rating on map start." author="Pothole Studios" version="1.0" type="script" /> <script src="server.lua" /> </met
  12. Neukfout

    Pickup bug

    That won't be the problem either, because most maps don't even have scripts installed, so...
  13. Neukfout

    Pickup bug

    They are transferred from another server, which didn't have this problem, so I think that's not the problem here, but thanks!
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