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  1. My friend is thinking of setting up MTA on his computer, but there are a few questions we need answering first, i looked in the FAQ and such but couldn't find anything. 1.) Is MTA4.1 for GTA3 or VC? 2.) Does it work over LAN? 3.) There is no question 3. Thanks
  2. hmm, diodnt think of behind ammunation... well, inside the bank is a bit cluttered, and the tennis court is a part of the leaf links one i mentioned in my earlier post
  3. RC Car Demolition Derby! Each player drives an RC car (without explosives of course) around in a small arena, bashing into other RC cars in an attempt to make them blow up. Your RC's health is shown in a small damage bar under your weapon picture thing, and also is shown by the amount of smoke/fire coming off the RC. The arenas could be: Stadium's Helipad Stadium's Roof Mansion Main hall & tommy's office Mansion's roof Army Base's assault course Airport Terminal Inside North Point Mall Inside Washington Mall Car park outside North Point mall Car park on roof of washington mall Bloodring (that ones an obvious choice ) All of Ammunation's Shooting Range Area Dirtring The area near the lighthouse Concrete area from the mission with the Zebra Cab Sunshine Autos Area Small Area of Leaf links where the Entrance is (not the other side of the road) Film Studio
  4. i agree, this way racing servers can play without an asshat in a hunter blowing up racers, or large servers where the hunter would be unfair if it had guns would be goot to have them turned off
  5. well, maybe you could make it so that you cant chat for about 15 seconds after taking damage? that would stop you being able to just press T to avoid death, of course, the invincible no movement wouldnt work in cars,cause then you could just plonk a bus in front of your base and have a guy type, making it impossible to get in
  6. simple, lock out controlls while typing, and make the player invinciblke while typing, so that means no abusing typing invincibility, AND stopping typekilling assholes ruining a game
  7. Capture the Bag WAIT WAIT! before you start aiming those nukes in my general direction, let me finish. This isnt about the game idea, but which teams could have their bag where. In a 4 Team game (Cops, Army, Lawyers, and Street Gang for teams maybe?), the bags could be in the police HQ office area for police, on the far end of the roof with the sandbags on it at the army base for the army, near the jump-out window from the spotlight mission for the lawyers, and inside the record store at the mall for the street gang? In a 2 team game (Diaz's gang vs Tommy's Gang, or Haitians vs Cubans, or Security Guys vs Street Gang), there could be several random combinations of base locations (each with a distance setting that could be chosen in the client, then choosing bases or random, also, instead of distance, there are special boats & helis only base selections): Very Close Range: No vehicles allowed Opposite ends of dirtring Opposite ends of mall Abandoned House and Film Studio Building Close Range: Vehicles are only really used for cover & explosions Airport terminal and Army base Scrapyard & Phil's Opposite ends of Leaf Links Medium Range: Vehicles are useful for large transport jobs and fast attacks, but going on foot is still sane Cargo Boat & Army Base Mall & Downtown Ammunation Malibu & Pole Position Long Range: Vehicles are used mostly, only go on foot if you have to (to avoid detection, so you can shoot down helis, etc.) Army Base and Stadium Airport Terminal & Police HQ Mansion & Mall Very Long Range: Foot is no-go, cars or helis are the only way to go here Airport Terminal & Mall Stadium & Pole Postition Cargo Ship & Film Studio Special Vehicles: All bridges are closed off, you'll have to use helis or boats, or both! Buyable Boat Yard & Cortez mission Boatyard - Boats Only Leaf Links & Stadium - Helicopters Only Mansion & Film Studio - Helis and Boats EDIT: Could you also try to fix the timeout when trying to go ingame for the first 3 - 10 connections bug? Its really annoying trying to get onto a server again after your modem dies and you have to wrestle your way into the game again
  8. ninja could be cuban with a different skin, maybe? oh, and how about sea sparrow guns being synched too
  9. that'd be nice, but wouldnt it be better to just have what class the yare written on the scoreboard instead of a dot?
  10. Xen: The hunter is not the maverick, the maverick is the police heli, and the one available from the mansion. The passenger shoot out of car anim could just be the driveby anim Here are some more ideas: skimmer has the bombs that were used in the RC Baron mission and can be dropped with fire Limited number of miniguns, rocket launchers & sniper rifles in the game (as in, they only re-appear if theyre left lying on the ground for too long after someone died) Name tags only appear when the player is in direct sight (not behind a building) Health is only shown for your own team giving all the players the camera in their inventory and taking screenshots with that instead of F12 Heres a few more characters that could be put in: Soldier: Team Game, has armour and machine gun, Enemy = Vercetti Gang Vercetti Gang: Team Game, have machine gun and fast cars, Enemy = Soldier Ninja: Free for all, has katana & armour, Enemy = All
  11. Heres just a few ideas i had while playing MTAVC 0.2 players in the back seats of the maverick can shoot out passengers can driveby hunter's guns working and rc vehicles (that may be a bit hard online though)
  12. but there should be a menu screen where you can choose your character, if you could do that, i would always play as the SWAT guy
  13. Here are a few ideas i can think of (brought to you by Sleep Deprivation) PTY (Protect They Yacht) pretty much the same as the single player mission where you protect the yacht as it escapes the city, except the yacht would move slower, and you'd have more pople to help you Sea Sparrow Hunt Pretty much a version of Smear The Queer, but with helicopters. One player has the sea sparrow, and everyone else has hunters. the object of the game is to destroy the sea sparrow and then stay alive as long as possible. destroying the sparrow will turn you into it, and turn the origional driver into a hunter. this could also be dont with a car or boat instead of the sea sparrow Gang Warfare the same as a normal 2 team game, except every player has 2 or 3 bodyguards protecting them, making the teams twice as or three times as big Checkpoint Scramble everyone starts off in a random place in the city in a slow-ish car. the aim of the game is to get to the checkpoint before anyone else. this could be done by drive-by shooting other cars to death, and getting a faster car. the checkpoints randomly change locations (spawning along car paths) to make it impossible to list all the locations that could exist Buying Mode instead of starting off with a ton of weapons,you start only with a pistol. you can use this to hold up shops and kill other players to get cash (killing a player gets you 3 cash pickups, no matter how much money they have) you can then use the money to buy more guns, to kill more people, and so on. the aim of the game is to be the first to buy the Vercetti Mansion
  14. sorry about letting the gang fall apart like that, i've just been busy moving house, and i'm in a small rental place. my GTA3 CD is buried under a pile of boxes in the garage, and i wont be able to get it for about 6 months and if np one seems to want to get the SSS goint again guess it should just shut it down
  15. because i just thought up this as a good idea:
  16. how about having like 5 NPC tanks with locked doors rolling around?
  17. and where did all the parked cars go? bring them back! i wanna do some multiplayer dodo flying! the only cars left are diablo stallions, mafia sentinels, taxis, a coach, some police cars, and a banshee
  18. Icedude


    well, the infernus can stop before it goes off the end of the runway, but it does fall onto the ledge below, but if you didnt hit handbrake at the little red light before the end... SPLASH
  19. okay, lets make this easier for all of us. if you want to join, go to the MSN group page, and click the join link. its a lot easier than posting, pming, or e-mailing
  20. I just had a really nuts idea for a server option: Car Special Abilities Mode Simply, when a server has this on, some cars can do stuff other cars cant. Heres a few special abilities i thought up: Mr Whoopie: If you get a ped to walk up to the whoopie using the music and being parked, they turn into a bodyguard without a weapon Toyz van: Pressing fire drops a computer controled RC buggy which hunts down any player other than the person who spawned the buggy FBI Car: Removes the arrow and radar blip of the driver Fire truck: water hose can blast cars out of the way Infernus: fire button activates rear firing flamethrower Taxi/Cabbie/Borgnine: Picking up a ped will give the ped an uzi to do drivebys for you Swat Van: Invoke the wrath of a police heli escort Patriot: Grenade drivebys! BF Injection: Horn button allows car to jump like when the perfect handling cheat is on South Side Hoods Van: Baseball bat drivebys for instant decapitation! Mafia sentinel: good old fashioned bulletproofing Cartel Cruiser: Dentproofed for added protection
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    Marco's Bistro

    i dont know how to view them
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    Marco's Bistro

    How about a turf map? i'll update it as more turf is taken BLASTA already has about 30% of the city even without going on the postcount thing, so i'll leave the postcount one out Green is Mikiro's Gang, Red is B.L.A.S.T.A. turf, and blue is SSS
  23. Well, you can help out if you want, but i dont mind if you join while your in another gang, if one of our stunt sessions runs into an organised gang war or training, you could just let us know you need to go then leave, it doesnt matter that much
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