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  1. Ralf122

    Map editor Error!

    Ok, i will do that tommorow.
  2. Ralf122

    Map editor Error!

    Recently i wanted to map somethings with my friend. suddenly our control keys changed somehow, if we wanted to go foward we were going left and so on. I tried everything remove, editor dump and test. reinstalling mta. no results. does anyone know this problem?
  3. i added a interior in the [Gameplay] interior script. everything was fine before i added it. now it has many errors interiors/interior.exp.lua:25: Bad Argument @ ,Destroy Element interiors/interior.exp.lua :24: Bad Argument @ ,Destroy Element interiors/interiorexp.lua :46: Interiors: Error, no refid specified to returninterior interiors/interiorexp.lua :75: Bad Argument @ ,getElementData,[Expected element at argument 1, got nil interiors/interiorexp.lua :80: attempt to perform arithmetic on local retZ <a nil value> please help!
  4. I'm gonna make a movie with my mate, and it will be a really proffesional movie with bandits and police, and of course with pedestrians. i'm writing the moviescript now and i thought maybe some of you have some really good ideas, everything is welcome. Thank you so much!
  5. i'm already learning lua scripting. but it's not that easy.
  6. i'm trying to make a gui does not work very well. EDIT: i don't know what i have to replace!?!?
  7. do i have to replace the script of Solidsnake with this one?
  8. oh tnx SolidSnake14 I appreaciate this so much!!!!
  9. maybe SolidSnake14 knows right?
  10. I can't find it in Freeroam resource. EDIT: found it ><
  11. what do i have to change in the script to change the playername so the player does not have to write the whole name with colorcodes ETC. Example: /warpto DFC|#2554C7OptimusPrime i want: /warpto Optimus or /warpto OptimusPrime, /warpto prime
  12. there's also a command to warp so remove the warp button will not help.
  13. i can look how you did it. it's almost the same as accept. am i right? EDIT; the only thing whats irritating is you have to write the whole name with colorcodes ETC. I tested it with a friend but my mate did /warpto [name] and it worked but it said warp is not allowed to. because i blocked the Freeroam warping.
  14. can the person decline the warp request or only accept?
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