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  1. Enjoy our new scifi short film
  2. im going to remake the docking scene too
  3. some crappy, and some better made scenes, i tried to do my best. special thanks to disaster for the maps
  4. Thanks to: [sKC]Ivan_xXx, Csena[HUN], Disaster, BriaN
  5. Jackob

    Space Odyssey

    A scene from Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey remade in MTA maps by me and Disaster
  6. Jackob

    The Cycle 2

    thats why i chose that skin
  7. Jackob

    The Cycle 2

    if you havent seen the first one:
  8. Jackob

    Run (machinima)

    enjoy our new action short movie
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