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  1. function create_veh2(button) if source == Spawn_button then // Do some thing end end addEventHandler ( "onClientGUIClick", Spawn_button, create_veh2 ) ( Spawn_button is created earlier ) [/lua]
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    To edit this go to your race resource Open the file racevoting_server.lua Then search for this: addCommandHandler('nextmap', Then edit the whole function to this: addCommandHandler('nextmap', function( player, command, ... ) local query = #{...}>0 and table.concat({...},' ') or nil if not query then if g_ForcedNextMap then outputRace( 'Next map is ' .. getMapName( g_ForcedNextMap ), player ) else outputRace( 'Next map is not set', player ) end return end local admin = false if isPlayerInACLGroup(player, g_GameOptions.admingroup) or isPlayerInACLGroup(player, "Moderator") then admin = true end if not _TESTING and admin == false then return end local map, errormsg = findMap( query ) if not map then outputRace( errormsg, player ) return end if g_ForcedNextMap == map then outputRace( 'Next map is already set to ' .. getMapName( g_ForcedNextMap ), player ) return end g_ForcedNextMap = map outputChatBox('Next map set to ' .. getMapName( g_ForcedNextMap ) .. ' by ' .. getPlayerName( player ), g_Root, 0, 240, 0) end ) After this reload the race resource, and even Moderators can use the command
  3. function ramp1(player,command) local x,y,z = getElementPosition(player) local xx,yy,zz = getElementRotation(player) createObject ( 1632, x, y, z + 10, xx, yy, zz +10 ) end addCommandHandler("ramp",ramp1) function ramp2(key,state) local x,y,z = getElementPosition(source) local xx,yy,zz = getElementRotation(source) createObject ( 1632, x, y, z + 10, xx, yy, zz +10 ) end bindKey( "1", "down", ramp2)
  4. When i typ ingame !addcash $3 = !addcash $4 = ($3 is even used in the script as %a) $5 = in this case it this the amount
  5. No this will not work i am sorry (My previous one even don't work) Addcash if ($3 == !addcash) { if ($prs.level($1,$2) >= 4) { if ($4 == $null ) mta.pm $1 $2 Error: Please specify a name and ammount, !addcash <name> <ammount> else { mta.text $1 $mta.nick($1,$2) gave $mta.nick($1,%a) $5 pgs.add $mta.nick($1,$2) $5 } } } Addpoints if ($3 == !addpoints) { if ($prs.level($1,$2) >=4) { if ($4 == $null ) mta.pm $1 $2 Error: Please specify a name and ammount, !addpoints <name> <ammount> else { mta.text $1 $mta.nick($1,$2) gave $mta.nick($1,%a) $5 !hadd prsrank $mta.nick($1,$2) $calc($prs.points($1,$2) + $5) } } }
  6. if ($3 == !addpoints) { if ($prs.level($1,$2) >=4) { if ($4 == $null ) mta.pm $1 $2 Error: Please specify a name and ammount, !addpoints <name> <ammount> else { mta.text $1 $mta.nick($1,$2) gave $mta.nick($1,%a) >=0 { !hadd prsrank $mta.nick($1,$2) $calc($prs.points($1,$2) + >=0 } } }
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    Using $rand

    The timer mute line wont work either .timerunmuteroll 1 60 mta.unmute $1 $2 I will explain this: <19:18:15> WannaKnow: !roll <19:18:15> Admin: You receive mute for 1min... (here will be start the timer muteroll) <19:18:15> WannaKnow muted. <19:18:35> [uVA]Bart: !roll <19:18:35> Admin: You receive mute for 1min... (here will you delete the existsing timer called muteroll and you will start one for [uVA]Bart and WannaKnow is still muted after 1 min Change the code .timerunmuteroll 1 60 mta.unmute $1 $2 to .timerunmuteroll $+ $2 1 60 mta.unmute $1 $2 Bow you will add the ID of the player to the timer so i't won't be overwritten
  8. I am now working on it to make it
  9. What is the script lang? Lua?
  10. wannaknow

    Mta:ma help

    When a admin logged in with rcon use the command /rcon say Hi, console says Hi. Now my question is it possinle to get the name who typed the command?
  11. I just made a adminmsg and then it would pm it to all the admin alias xiii.adminmsg { var %a = 0 while (%a > %loop) { if ($xiii.level($1,%a) != 0) { mta.pm $1 %a $2- } inc %a } }
  12. is it possible to even make a dll for MTA:Sa so you can check who is in what car?
  13. Im not 100% sure what u mean, are you sure what u need isnt already added? have you read the the commands file? There are many commands already for changing maps for admins, but im guessing ur talking about the public? The !votemap command for players is set that way because someone may be busy racing, on a great time and they wouldnt want the race changing instantly. The command !new is similar but is an instant mapchange, like what i think ur asking for, although it starts a new random map unless u use !votemap first. Then theres always the option of paying a little loose change to pick the next map. if im on the wrong lines here maybe you can explain a little better either way post here and let me know. Scooby he means when you votemap and all the votes are there it dont start as the next map but it will start immetiately (Or how the fuck you will spel it)
  14. Yeah, somethin from em somethin you. But by the alias i use isin then when my nick is WannaKnow[NL] and i chane it to WannaKnow it dont write WannaKnow in de alias hash how can i make the scritp it will write WannaKnow (In this case) in it to? On join and on nick?
  15. I dont And can you tell me someyhing about the alias cmd how it saves the alias. When i try to make it it dont work or it save al names (Duplicate them) or het only save 1 name
  16. alias xiii.use { if ($xiii.item($1,$2) == mapchange) { if ($4 == $null) { mta.pm $1 $2 Syntax error. !use <mapname> } var %a = $+(*,$4-,*) var %b = $mta.races($1,$mta.races($1,%a)) if (!%b) mta.pm $1 $2 Map not found. else { .write -i nextmap.ini %b .write -i nextmapname.ini $mta.nick($1,$2) mta.pm $1 $2 Mapchange used for %b $+ . Upcoming map: $iif($xiii.nextmap,$v1,%b) hdel xiiistats item $+ $mta.nick($1,$2) } } } When u typ !use it says Mapchange used for 6. Upcoming map: 6.
  17. Yeah. thanks now i understand. But why there is in your alias pgs.bet { this line? !hadd pgscash tbets $+ $mta.nick($1,$2) $calc($hget(pgscash,tbets $+ $mta.nick($1,$2)) + $5) is this for how much cash you have used for bets?? But where it check who have won with the bets?
  18. Scooby, i still don't understand it. Can you give me a some more basic (easy) script or a little tutorial about how to make it? WannaKnow
  19. Scooby can you tell me the explantation of the !top command i dont fully understand, What it does and how it works?
  20. Yes it is There stand in the !kick line (dont know where) if ($prs.level($1,$2) > $prs.level($1,%a) { When you make from it if ($prs.level($1,$2) >= $prs.level($1,%a) { it must work You can edit this in all command like freeze kick mute ban unmute unfreeze But then you need to edit that rule from prs.level
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    map time!

    Doesnt send mtama a time to something?