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  1. Ok, how could i set the Marker visibility?
  2. Hi, i have this code but it doesn't work, no errors, no warnnings Location - Area 51 local CP local C2 local C3 local C1 = createMarker (307,1971,17, "checkpoint",3, 255, 30, 30, 255 ) addEventHandler( "onMarkerHit", C1, function (hitElement, matchingDimension) if getElementType( hitElement ) == "player" then outputChatBox("Hei " .. getPlayerName(GetLocalPlayer()) .. ", there is a stair to help you cross thre fence, GO!") C2 = createMarker (302,1902,17, "checkpoint",3, 255,100,100, 255 ) destroy
  3. I'm Sorry for the delay but i had some hardware problems preventing me to run the game and test the gamemode.i'm also haveing some problems at school
  4. is there a way to change the the camera to Inside Car Cam on car enter?
  5. First beta will arrive in December, or i hope so...
  6. maybe a little bit based on freeroam, or maybe not I thought of a game mode like the real 18 Wheels of Steel... The same experience... In MTA!
  7. I am now scripting a new gamemode , hopefully good, for those who like trucking and 18 WoS: Features: -Never Die -Custom made trucks and trailers -Dashboard(steering wheel,speedometer, oil pressure, engine RPM ,NOS,radio, wipers(when it rains),angle of wheels and hopefully, if i can, side-mirrors) -Missions -Trucks Upgrade(wheels, engine, body) -Gas/Repair/Weight Checking Stations -Custom Loud Horns( buy from shops) -Cops(maybe peds, or maybe players) -Locations like Hotels and pick-up/drop cargo -Ferries -Trains -And more.... Done: -Never Die -Custom made trucks and trailers
  8. the code worked with an object, but when i converted to work with a marker, it creates the marker but it doesn't move it
  9. hi again, i have the code created with Omg project and i modified it a little bit , but it doesn't work SERVER Side -- DDC OMG generated script: function omgInit() light1 = createMarker(-2270.2705078125,2340.3305664063,9.8359212875366,"checkpoint",2,255,0,250,150) omgMovelight1(1) end function omgMovelight1(point) if point == 1 then moveObject(light1,5000,-2270.0649414063,2287.4482421875,9.8359212875366,0,0,0) setTimer(omgMovelight1,5000 + 0, 1, 2) elseif point == 2 then moveObject(light1,5000,-2255.2316894531,2286.6237792969,9.8359212875366,0,0,0)
  10. 1st : it worked 2nd : in works if i make an other account then start the server and it doesn't crash with the resources so i think is an environmental problem Edit: for example when I renamed resources back, the server didn't crash but it crashed after about 2 minutes (
  11. thnx, i'll see if it work's ok:D Now i have even more problems
  12. in front of a virtual player,( that doesn't exist?), just the character
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