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  1. I'm in the process of moving the file to the mtavc server. Bare with me EDIT: All done. Only downside is you have to rename to file to .zip instead of .zip_
  2. RISO


    Yeh, weather was a real bitch... one of the main reasons the wait was so long. /motd is a command you can type in-game.
  3. If I am correct, it means 'Application Programming Interface'
  4. API lag = the game.. The way in which we currently read/write to GTA's memory.
  5. Weird.. When I played the first vid, it was all jumpy. Then I reinstalled the codec and it was fine. For your information.. bandwidth remains the same. I believe the current lag is caused by API lag.
  6. Maybe next time he should make his own comments post then.
  7. We′ve probably found a way to dramatically improve the smoothness in the MTA 0.4 client. With help of some new methods of reading and writing some gamedata, instead of using the old method we actually used since the beginning of this whole multiplayer mod, we can now, hopefully, play the next MTA version much smoother. The smoother the game, the more fun you′ll get with playing the mod. If it all turns out to be stable enough, we′ll add it to our next MTA 0.4 release. Here′s a nice pic from a betatest we′ve had (thanks goes to Rawk-iT). Here′s some footage from Aeron and IJs testing (both
  8. I don't get it cuz Curly is english too and his english sucks!
  9. ACMSCars.Com does, other two are dependant on ChrisBitz.Com and thats down.
  10. Lately we have been working a lot on the new core... Probably more than we should. 0.4 Progress should pick up again shortly and hopefully we can finaly get this out!
  11. I know this one... they are using a modified Client!
  12. Yes it was and that person was me, so don't jump to conclusions! Anyway, the ban was removed after 30 mins... would have been shorter but girls annoyed me and I forgot all about it oh, and couldn't be bothered to type the extra for a timed ban
  13. I can safely say 0.4 will not in any way, shape or form support win9x. (apart from it will run / connect / sync everything when an ingame message is sent (yep i know... weird - its how we like it (its what we call play-by-chat)))
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