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  1. can you put it in please with 15 seconds,i dont know how to do it
  2. hi,can someone say how to change the time? i think on my server after 40 seconds it shows no more bets,its to long i want stop that after 15 seconds ....Help me pls
  3. omg why noone can help?
  4. quick connect works,but if my server isnt in the list i dont want to play alone there...so 22126 for ase?
  5. Hi all As i had mta 1.1.1 I started my server and the server was in the list,but since 1.1.2 isnt my server in the list,if I start it,noone can see it. I gave the ports (22003,44003.22126UDP) free. Please help me
  6. daniel_pl

    A bit help

    For san andreas mta race 1.1
  7. daniel_pl

    A bit help

    Can someone give me a script...If I drown i get some points like in XIII
  8. the center.mtasa links are never working for me help
  9. daniel_pl

    LR-yoyo maps

    i cant see the maps @the link pls help
  10. I got prs 1.3 but i dont know how to get it online to my server pls help!
  11. I need help with the script...I load it with mIRC than there is clan tag und servermessage i klick on save and than?? How should i connect to the server with the script?