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  1. help gta sa + vista == don't send error i got this proplem few days ago everytime i try to launch gta sa i get don't send error it was working before that i didn't modfiy anything in the game [MTA 1.0 IS INSTALLED] PC SPECS: AMD Sempron 1200LE ATI X1250 WINDOWS VISTA ULTIMATE
  2. When it happens? When you go into a server, or when you start MTA? right after that popup about "don't play alone or what ever]
  3. i just installed mta from the main site [notice i got zone alarm extreme security] now it pumps error "Network Module Not Complitable" and exit's any idea? i also tried removeing and reinstalling but same
  4. This Feature Can Add Fully Real Virtual World In Roleplaying Servers Please Add It Thanks ! CCore
  5. Here is my crash otherwise i wasn't able even to have the game work good in mta dp3 otherwise i play in mta dp2 and gta sa very good it loads horribly slow and couldn't even enter the gameplay when i spawn it stops and freezes
  6. 1. Sorry not in public 2. 15 3. roleplayman@live.com 4. beta tester [devloper when free] 5. I made one lot of time ago in game he was able to drive and fly planes by routes 6. i know c++ php lua pawn
  7. i am talking about sim player = ACtor or bot not just dm
  8. I Think i will learn lua
  9. roleplayman


    it would be cool if i can script actors in game or = robots
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