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  1. hey guys i've been trying to enter the mta wiki for 3 days now and it's still down.. can someone tell me when it will be online?
  2. Mat101

    3 Qeustions..

    Another question.. How to enable stunt bonus?
  3. Please re-upload this somewhere else.. I need to learn from it (:
  4. Mat101

    3 Qeustions..

    Oh lol thanks i didn't understand him.. I will copy the script into the gm now (:
  5. Mat101

    3 Qeustions..

    Can you done that for me please (: ?
  6. Thanks Binslayer! Topic can be locked. (Fixed)
  7. I'll do lots of updates yesterday and today i just realize that the commands are not working.. I'm editing broph here is my full script http://pastebin.com/TEKTyusn (P.S I have objects on another resource)
  8. Mat101

    3 Qeustions..

    Ok Ok i got some to work. But as i said i will ask maybe more questions .. How to make if someone left the server it says ".. Has left The server"
  9. Mat101

    3 Qeustions..

    Hey, 1st of all sorry if im spamming making topic's but only here i can get some help . 1.) How to make a moving object when a player is near the object i know it's moveObject but i dont know the function how to do when a player is near the object ?? 2.)How to make pickups with effect? Not like health/armour/guns, Example a teleport?? 3.) How to disable falling of bike, I know something that is Knockingofbike or .. something like that i need it properly? Thanks mates. I'll maybe post more questions here because i'm still new to lua (:
  10. Lol let me try it .. Thanks for the info (((: Edit, It Work's perefectly! Thanks
  11. function aa (playerSource) local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(playerSource) if vehicle then setVehicleFrozen(vehicle,true) setElementPosition (vehicle, 384.0750,2541.4612,16.5391) setTimer(setVehicleFrozen,500,1,vehicle,false) else setElementPosition (playerSource, 384.0750,2541.4612,16.5391) end outputChatBox ("You Have Been Teleported To The Old Airport!!", playerSource, 0, 255, 0) end addCommandHandler ( "aa", aa ) ---- This Command above works fine... Now this doesnt work see function sf (source) local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVe
  12. You're doing something wrong.. that's why. Like what? Should i post one of the teleport that is not working?
  13. Ok Thanks it works but **** keep's comming, Now the teleport works only on /aa .. i do lots of teleports but none of them works only /aa ..
  14. A Problem... When i teleport with a car, The car goes fast as hell.. Someone know how to fix it?
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