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  1. I saw you guys on a rerun of Attack Of the Show, and I thought I might share the interview you guys did. http://youtube.com/watch?v=nYElOGTNBHA Pretty good, although this video dates back to MTA:VC
  2. i would code it for you, but i dont know how it detects admins. I could make a simple thing that allows you to add admins to the list yourself.... so it would say "no admins online" and you can type "/addname" and it would say "admins online: "name here""
  3. Technic

    Ped functions

    yeah, thanks for clearing that up
  4. Technic

    Ped functions

    yeah, it looks like it will be server side, and if it is, we can do alot more to the peds than i first thought. i thought you would simply be able to assign them a path, and they would walk the path, and once they reached the end they would either 1. dissapear 2. repeat walking 3. stop and wait for another command now it seems we can have them do anything they would normally do in-game and then some. maybe a good RPG is possible with this
  5. Technic

    Ped functions

    the peds will sync, and wont be laggy really. all the server has to send is the peds locations and paths. after that, the client would be able to calculate where the peds are. and wazuup axis?
  6. 1. what the command? 2. whats the command for this one too? 3. I cant write game modes 4. it is? 5. you can script an editor? i think not!
  7. thanks eXo, i was able to open with notepad and read just fine!
  8. a few might already be mentioned, but idc 1. setPlayerFlaming LUA command 2. a command to have cars explode when they touch water 3. a game mode where you are set loose in the city with one car. you must crash into the other cars to make them lose health till they explode. but at random places in the map have pickups like health, guns, and other things. Technically speaking, i want a twisted metal type game mode. 4. a GUI in the admin panel that can allow oyu to click on an object, and then change its model (without changing its status) so if i change an infurnus's model to that of a tre
  9. failed to start resource item "script.js which is required i get this among a few others like mapmanager, votemanager, scoreboard, resourcemanager, and admin what am i doing wrong? this shows up when i start mta server.exe, which prevents me from doing admin things and from voting for new modes! this is absolutely dreadful. i looked at the JS files and everything seems to be in order. any help would be greatly appreciated
  10. whats the commands that he is using here?
  11. i have quite a bit more than just 5 things lol. this would just be the finisher
  12. is there on for DP2? i am sick of having to have my friend look them up on his map editor!
  13. all i need is the following: if you go in water, its instant death where is the script to purchase items from ammunation and resteraunts? where is the script that allows you to bank money where is the script that gives 100 dollars for a kill. how do i set it that you die, you drop everything you had, including the keys to any cars you locked this is all i need to finish my ultimate script! I will release my script once I get these things, and beta it. all people who help will get credit!
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